About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Let Me Feel You Lord

Lord hear my earnest prayer
Let me feel your touch so
I’ll know you are really there
Lord heal my deepest hurt
Let me feel your touch so
I’ll know that you are at work
Lord restore my tender soul
Let me feel your touch so
I’ll know that I am made whole
Lord make real my dreams
Let me feel your touch so
Your truth will be revealed

Song Void of Words

Before you stand I making the clear of the absurd
Singing songs to your soul void of words
Melody rings throughout the air without a note
Yet your heart dances to every phrase from my throat
Hand in hand we sway to the peaceful chords
Singing songs to your soul void of words
The instruments lay silent their string so still
Yet the rhythm swells in the air crescendos in a thrill
A sound so pleasant no heart can ignore
Singing songs to your soul void of words
A sound so beautiful too deep to afford
Here singing songs to your soul void of words

Ocean Reflections

The ocean promises the current of vaulted ideas
A cool baptism to the minds faulted panaceas
With each wave from the winds in a far away land
Fools the coasts to trade its messages in the sand
Even as footsteps are left on the verge of the shore
Waters will erase their impressions forever more
Shells and grains tumultuously mixed in the foam
Carried with the tide to another world a distant home
The ocean whispers in echoes and shadows few can hear
Yet the forsaken and heartbroken are adept to give ear
For their spirits drowned by pain search for a lost breath
Taken to the depths of water to their eventual death
Even as dreams are eternalized in paper and scripted in books
Waves will soak their wings their future forsook
Stones and driftwood the tombstone of a doomed past
Flow with the current until the final shadow is cast
The ocean offers the reflection of the vibrant sun the cool moon
A gentle hypnotic state to hug inspire to swoon
With every peak and trough to bid you to enter
Fool the mind and soul of both saint and sinner
Even as it caresses the borders of your pain
Waters will appease the beating of betrayed veins
Shells and rocks swimming on shores of forgotten letters
Drift in the abyss and become deeper and wetter

There is Nothing Good About Goodbye

I can see the seam where my soul began to split
That the stitches of dreams could not suture
My hopes and fantasies in an instant were killed
There is no wish or hope for our future
All the plans vanished before my eye
For there is nothing good about goodbye
The heavens wear a dark mask
That the gray smothers the warmth of the sun
So many questions my soul wants to ask
But the hour is much too late for this to be done
How I could just run away and die
For there is nothing good about goodbye
You bankrupted my emotions and raped my pride
You tortured my spirit and cast it to the tide
You drugged my heart and choked my sight
You ransomed my ears and stole my light
I can feel where my mind began to quake
That eve the Richter scale could not determine the magnitude
The structure demolished by the tidal waves wake
There is no foundation to solve the feud
All the galaxies have been swallowed by the sky
For there is nothing good about goodbye
The fields and orchards now remnants of a dust bowl
Nothing left of the numerous seeds we carefully planted
There is no comfort no shelter for my battered soul
All promises and contracts and vows now recanted
My heart goes through the volumes of the past to discover why
For there is no good in goodbye

There is a Space

There is a space where we fade from being two
A time when we are neither liquid or solid beings
Like where the shore kisses the limits of the ocean’s blue
And the sand and water infuse each other with feelings
There is a place where we escape what reality speaks
A time when my thoughts mold with the contour of your dreams
Like when the clouds embrace the mountain’s peaks
And the moisture clings to the forest rocks creases and seams
There is a space where we wilt and become one
A time when it is neither day or night
Like when it is dusk and the sky holds the echo of the sun
And the darkness caresses the essence of the light
There is a place where we dance in each other’s soul
A time when touches kisses become as the stars above
Like where rhythms mesmerizes taking total control
And we sway, fly, and soar as one in the sky of love

My Heart

My heart is a piƱata
Beaten until the sweet contents pour
Scattered across a cold concrete floor
Childish women push and shove to get every morsel
Confectionaries that delight the limit of their soul
So pleasing to the palate and content of their mind
But the true essence they seldom find
My heart is a piece of paper
Scattered by the whispers of wind
Written on by poetry of the past glory and sins
Astute women chase the sacraments to read the rhymes
Morsels of wisdom and grace seasoned by time
So uplifting and inspiring to their spirit and heart
But the true meaning they are blind to from the start
My heart is a stone
Hardened by the seasons of rain and drought
Tattered by the bastions of pain and doubt
Wounded women grasp hold of the cold solid formation
Anchored to the crevices and peaks of affirmation
So sturdy and dependable to steady their vision
But they don’t see or discern the excision
My heart is a flag
Tattered by the indiscriminate breeze
Pardoned by the perpetual bending of the knees
Curious women examine the stitches the threads
Fixated on brining light and life back from the dead
So venerable that they respectfully give salute
But they don’t recognize the depth of its roots

Dancing Clothes

The whisper of warmth from the south
Envelopes me as I hang out the washed clothes
Words escape out of the corners of my mouth
Watching them dance to the melody the wind wove
My silence only a sigh to embrace this chore
Pants and shirts glory in the fact that they are free
I must put on another load for there is much more
These menial tasks consume the core of me
The trees join in the dance providing the cymbal of leaves
Rivers current move to the gentle touch of air
The clouds sway in the waves the wind breathes
As the sweet scent of lilacs permeates the electric air

Chord On Blue

The delight of a thousand sounds melodic and free
Inspiring my soul to dance my spirit to fly
Covering my desert with lush gentle green
Touching the dreams that hide behind my eye
The sky an endless stanza for white clouds
The ocean the meter to measure every beat
The breeze the blanket that provides a shroud
The sand a carpet that caresses my buried feet
Time and distance a fantasy in this dream
Peace and tranquility a reality so true
The rhythm is as warm as sunbeams
And my heart listens to the chord on blue