About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Heart

My heart is a piƱata
Beaten until the sweet contents pour
Scattered across a cold concrete floor
Childish women push and shove to get every morsel
Confectionaries that delight the limit of their soul
So pleasing to the palate and content of their mind
But the true essence they seldom find

My heart is a piece of paper
Scattered by the whispers of wind
Written on by poetry of the past glory and sins
Astute women chase the sacraments to read the rhymes
Morsels of wisdom and grace seasoned by time
So uplifting and inspiring to their spirit and heart
But the true meaning they are blind to from the start

My heart is a stone
Hardened by the seasons of rain and drought
Tattered by the bastions of pain and doubt
Wounded women grasp hold of the cold solid formation
Anchored to the crevices and peaks of affirmation
So sturdy and dependable to steady their vision
But they don’t see or discern the excision

My heart is a flag
Tattered by the indiscriminate breeze
Pardoned by the perpetual bending of the knees
Curious women examine the stitches the threads
Fixated on bringing light and life back from the dead
So venerable that they respectfully give salute
But they don’t recognize the depth of its roots

Critical Mass

The desire is rising so wide so high so fast
My emotions are swiftly approaching critical mass
The fine line that balances the yearning of my soul
Is on the verge of losing every sense of control
At each turn each scene I see her lovely face
With each dream each thought I wish for her embrace
The longing in my heart makes my spirit grow weary
My eyes missing her presence border on being teary
The dams that holds back the lake of dreams
Is beginning to leak at its seams
At each sweet note I hear her song like a mocking bird
With each story each poem seem to echo her wise words
The love is multiplying so wide so fast
My soul is swiftly approaching critical mass

Precious Waterfall

For this is a precious tear
A tender jewel a diamond meant for pierced ears
Formed by the pressure of life the weight of time
And released by the manufacturing of heart and mind
Such priceless unclouded sphere
A baptismal liquid bid by emotions to appear
Volumes of words spoken with every tender drop
Yet even heart and mind cannot make the spring stop
This moisture like the morning dew on a rose petal
Feeds the limits of the spirit until the feelings settle
The sun will rise and reach to pick it up
The clouds will drink every drop as if from a cup

Before This Place

My innocence shined back in those days
Long before I began to comprehend this place
My heart free to feel my mind to contemplate thoughts
But now those liberties have come to naught
When I used to walk on the clouds above
On a path for miles to visit my first love
Long before my eyes were taught to see
The roads of despair the prangs of misery
Long before my mouth was prone to curse
The emotions that turned bad to worse
Long before my words were used to wound
The love that was destined to be pruned
How my heart longs to take a voyage back
And walk on that path that ancient track
Find the road that I took the wrong turn
And travel across bridges that were burned
My innocence shined back in those days
Long before I began to comprehend this place

The Memories Keep Calling Me Back

Sometimes I still hear your hugs
Remembering your commentaries about life
In the shadows I can still feel your face
Reminiscing your stories of laughter
With closed eyes I can still smell your inspiration
Recalling your prayers of love
Your thoughts have become my map
Your dreams have become my reality
Your beliefs have become my compass
Sometimes I can still see your voice
Reflecting your ideas about life
In the sunshine I can still taste your warmth
Ruminating your musings of laughter
With open ears I can still sense your presence
Retaining your treaties of love
Your views have become my songs
Your hopes have become my poems
Your memory has become my joy

Beyond the Mirror

Far away fires were still burning

The winds of your horizons now free

Faint shadows of distant time returning

Although the evening fades deep within me

Clouds engulf the limits of mountain peaks

The waves of your oceans rejoice

Echoes resound when the thunder speaks

And the shores retreat by my choice

In the distance you can hear time

Your breath a beat away from reality

Fossils of dreams hardened in your mind

Though the dark sky shines bright in me

Chord On Blue

The delight of a thousand sounds melodic and free

Inspiring my soul to dance my spirit to fly

Covering my desert with lush gentle green

Touching the dreams that hide behind my eye

The sky an endless stanza for white clouds

The ocean the meter to measure every beat

The breeze the blanket that provides a shroud

The sand a carpet that caresses my buried feet

Time and distance a fantasy in this dream

Peace and tranquility a reality so true

The rhythm is as warm as sunbeams

And my heart listens to the chord on blue

My Heart Cleaves

My heart cleaves segregating my life into poetry

Separating the strands that part this quilt

An uncivil civil conflict of creativity and entropy

A wary war of peace and mounting guilt

The borders detach the present from the past

Burning the bridges that my soul trod for years
The threads of passages that were sewn into my broadcast

Sing a murmur that silences even my tears

The clock strikes the hour, echoing my commotion

Tones split the sky like thunder rings rowdy

A tense tension between intellect and emotion

An edged edginess of sunshine and cloudy

My heart cleaves

My heart cleaves

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wisdom of the Seas

The ocean promises the current of vaulted ideas
A cool baptism to the minds faulted panaceas
With each wave from the winds in a far away land
Fools the coasts to trade its messages in the sand
Even as footsteps are left on the verge of the shore
Waters will erase their impressions forever more
Shells and grains tumultuously mixed in the foam
Carried with the tide to another world a distant home
The ocean whispers in echoes and shadows few can hear
Yet the forsaken and heartbroken are adept to give ear
For their spirits drowned by pain search for a lost breath
Taken to the depths of water to their eventual death
Even as dreams are eternalized in paper and scripted in books
Waves will soak their wings their future forsook
Stones and driftwood the tombstone of a doomed past
Flow with the current until the final shadow is cast
The ocean offers the reflection of the vibrant sun the cool moon
A gentle hypnotic state to hug inspire to swoon
With every peak and trough to bid you to enter
Fool the mind and soul of both saint and sinner
Even as it caresses the borders of your pain
Waters will appease the beating of betrayed veins
Shells and rocks swimming on shores of forgotten letters
Drift in the abyss and become deeper and wetter

In the Midst of a Storm

The trees bow like a man weighted with years
As rain gift the weeping willow with tears
Each drop dances on my roof top with a pitter patter
Inspiring the pregnant river to get faster and fatter
Lightening flashes temporarily blinding anxious eyes
Followed by thunder that shatters the whimsical paradise
I know there are lakes forming outside my back door
Just as my soul seeps sweat from every pore
But with each drop baptizes my boundaries
Depositing salvation to the starving foundries
Soon the world will be dry the night silent once again
Yet inside my storms will rage and rain


An eternal soul cleaving to life
Dividing elements into reality and a whisper
Separating time into shadows and poetry
Yet words are lost in the abyss
Appreciating the ethereal waves
But holding fast to the winding path
A vaulted spirit takes flight through dreams
Soaring over mystical revelations
Seizing the borders that echo grace and death
But words are planted in the soil
Deciphering the ancient grains
Yet discovering virgin forgotten ashes

My Will Willingly Will

I will drink to the beauty in your eyes
And you will be forever a vision in mine
Write my name in the trunk of your soul
And let us become drunk from love’s sweet wine
Your touch gifts me flight in heavenly skies
And allows my sight to see the divine
My will willingly succumbs to your tender control
There is no such equal to joy I may find
I will toast to the testament of your heart
And you will sip the calm nectar of mine
Plant seeds of our love on a barren field
And gently feed the desire for all time
Your words will be jewels that decorate like art
And rules the thoughts that are gentle and kind
My will willingly bows and to your charm yields
There is no such equal to love I may find

New Wings

Heart cocooned by past pains and past fears
The shadow of ghosts whisper to anxious ears
But louder than these chords is the melody of your voice
Every other symphony becomes merely noise
Your presence shines down on me and gives me such peace
I whisper your name and offers such release
When I have failed You give me the test once again
When I am alone you tell me You are a friend
When my soul is bankrupt You fill me up
When my world is dark You surround me with Your love
Mind haunted by echoes from yesterday
The cold winds blur my vision and things I pray
But like a blanket is the touch of your spirit
Above the crowd of emotions I can still hear it
Your touch comforts the aching of my heart
I whisper Your name and all the barriers fall apart
When I am stubborn You patiently wait for me
When I am a prisoner Your words set me free
When my soul is stained and my spirit is at lack
When my mind is filled with sin I repent and You take me back

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought would who would have knew
That the mere touch of your hand
Would turn my gray skies to blue
Who would have thought would who would have conceived
That the mere sound of your laughter
Would make my heart once again believe
Who would have though who would have conjured?
That the mere taste of your lips
Would calm this dangerous civil war
There are no questions or concerns of how or why
Just the contentment and joy that it is true
There are no answers just peace nigh

With the touch the sound the taste the mere thought of you
Who would have thought who would have uncover
That the mere sharing of feelings
Would turn stranger to friend and friend to lover
Who would have thought who would have trust
That the mere holding you in my arms
Would spark love and quell lust
Who would have though who would have fantasized?
That the mere glance of your eyes or smile
Would be the discovery of a virgin paradise
There are no questions to what and how
Just the bliss of a joy so pure and true
There are no answers to the intrigue of now
With the feeling the hugs the glance or merely the thoughts of you

The Fabric of This Night

Our kisses like lightning like sparks of electricity like orange flames
Warmed sparkled energized the rhythm of the darkness
We sat amongst the audience of a million brilliant envious stars
Wrapped in the jackets of arms and the fabric of this night
We spoke every word sang every song with a closed mouth
Our souls danced until the heavens could hear the breathing of our pores

Our touches like burning embers like miles of silk like red paint
Soothed delighted caressed the pattern of the breeze
So we held each other while a million trees shyly blushed
Swathed in the sensation of curious hands and the fabric of this night
Silently we used goose bumps and nipples and aroused flesh as our brail
Our souls flew until the sky could offer darkness and light no more

Our love like grains of sand like drops of waves like endless blue
Excited satisfied savored the design of the atmosphere
Embracing spirits we sat in front of the symphony of covetous crickets
Enveloped in the joy of elated emotions and the fabric of this night
Each numbed by the overdose of passion the sequence of adoration
Our souls rejoiced until the waves of affection stroked our shores

My Muse

From the shape of her tears
To the fruitfulness of her years
From the pureness of her smile
To the uniqueness of her style
Her voice echoes in my skies
Her words intrigue my paradise
From the silkiness of her hair
To the thoughts that fill the air
From the ideas that she births
To the fertile soil on her earth
Her songs touch my mind
Her rhythms inspire my time
From the shade of yesterday’s shadows
To the hopes of her tomorrows
From the corners of her sky above
To the colors of her life and love
Her dance absorbs my concentration
Her notes arouses my contemplation

Tomorrow Wake With Me

Your voice travels from my ears to the border of my soul
Tantalizing every nerve with every traveled span
Feeding the furnace of desire with mounds of coal
And evokes emotions that only love can understand
The meal only an appetizer to the sweet communion
Rhythms of the band merely back up to the true melody
Fireworks explode in my heart to celebrate our union
My eyes want you to tomorrow wake with me
Your scent intoxication the limits of my every dream
A touch of your hand delights every cell in my body
Your presence here is like a precious sunbeam
My flesh wants you to tomorrow wake with me
Your laughter makes my spirit smile and dance
Touching my mind with such grace and beauty
The evening ignites this bonfire of romance
My ears want you tomorrow to wake with me
I can taste the sweetness of your thoughts when we kiss
Intriguing my preconceived perception of reality
My spirit lavishes in the waves of perpetual bliss
My soul wants you to tomorrow wake with me

Love You For Being You

I saw the scars on your heart
But it did not make me scared
I loved you from the very start
I saw the wounds that were freshly healed
Yet it did not make me view you as marred
I loved you with each facet revealed
I could hear the past abuse you knew
But did not make me run away
I love you for being you
I could sense the pain you had to endure
Yet it did not make me betray
I loved you for not being perfect and pure
I saw the torment of your mind
But did not make me ashamed
I loved you for you, as you accepted all of mine
I tasted the sour and the sweet
Yet did not make me place any blame
I loved you for you for you loved me for being me

Real and Rare

There is a beauty so unique and rare
That my soul can’t help but stop and stare
The splendor that delights like morning dew
This charm though is not so rare to you
For every morning when you look in the mirror
Beauty splendor comeliness appears
There is melody so precious and hard to find
That my soul can’t help but hoard it in my mind
The loveliness delights like the sea’s peaceful blue
This rarity though is found richly in you
For every view of your facets it becomes clear
Beauty splendor comeliness appears
These emotions in the deep dark depths of my soul are born
Like some undiscovered insect or some graceful white unicorn
But like the heavenly star high in the air
My soul confirms that it is actually precious and rare
Yet still in my life it truly exists
There are no plastic kisses or borders to our bliss

Here I Love You

Here I love you
In the dancing rain outside skipping on the window pane
The gray skies echo the colors of my soul when we are apart
Wind breathes words that attempt to stall my brain
But the fire burns thoughts of you within warms my heart
Here I love you
In the halo of warm touches from the smiling sun
The bright skies echo the joy in my soul when we are together
The gentle breeze singing of the combining of two into one
Celebrating the life the love the laughter that will last forever
Here I love you
In the rising of the sun welcoming a day so new
The horizon colors echo my anticipation of seeing your eyes wide open
Your sweet breath after a morning kiss from you
Beginning the passion and excitement you ignite deep inside
Here I love you
In the setting of the sun the ending to a beautiful day
The horizon saturated echoes with purples oranges yellows and reds
Your sweet breeze that blows away all the grime away
Reflecting on the infinite expressions both done and said
Here I love you

In The Love Of You

In the love of you count me neither as last or least
In the love of you count me neither as animal or beast
Count me one who has sought your heart your soul to discover
In the hopes of becoming to you both friend and lover.
In the love of you count me neither as draft or dream
In the love of you count me neither as brunt or beam
Count me as one who is intrigued enough to know the real you
In the hopes of finding of a love so unique and true.
In the love of you count me neither as grim or grime
In the love of you count me neither as thief or crime
Count me as one who is delighted by the melody of your tones
In the hopes of making your heart my eternal home

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Before the Beginning and After the End

Before the beginning and after the end,
I find myself inside out and outside in.
Flesh dancing heart singing hosanna,
Mind drinking raindrops as if they were manna.
Feel like my soul is pregnant yet my hands given birth,
For my mind and spirit rejoice with such mirth.
Their spectrum of kaleidoscope thoughts on a silver screen,
A reflection of emotions planted and fields seen.
Time a fragment of elliptical journeys through space,
Yet it is also a measurement of gray and lines on my face.
My words are seeds that are borrowed deep in fertile soil,
The heat of tomorrows wishes cause my blood to boil.
Concentric waves return to where I was dropped in the lake,
Shores grow and undulate as my thoughts become awake.
The sun gently kisses the lips of my budding morn,
This future mirages and silhouettes within my soul are born.
These offspring born in the summer will move and thrive,
Follow the path predestined and make dirt come alive.
Thus this ethereal game to eventually win,
Here before the beginning and after the end.
Eaves leap and soothe the aching of the scorched shores,
Exchanging sand , shells and seeds from the ocean’s floors.
The clouds would fly the winds grow if they chose to bother,
Yet still the dreams expand and are cuddled by their father.
But there are some dreams whose reality is marked by chalk,
There on the concrete obscuring the path my soul walks.
Ghosts still whisper in the vaulting nights,
Telling stories in sounds and movement of lights.
My skies echo the limits of my manufactured tomorrows,
All these raindrops of joy wrapped in sheaths of sorrow.
The forest offers smiles as my feet venture off the path,
Leaves crumble and branches break under weight of wrath.
Yet they still welcome the seeds that fall from my brow,
Beads of sweat that flow from yesteryear to hear and now.
They form a river that flows far beyond the horizon,
It expands and reveals the things I have my eyes on.
This journey takes me to where I am going and everywhere I have been,
Here before the beginning and after the end.

Now That You Are Gone

These barren tears, they lie to await the budding dawn.
Kiss the ground to plant more seeds since you’ve gone.
The night brought with it shadows that mask and cover,
Reality that you are a parasite and not a lover.
To the wind to the sky I send this vaulted decree,
That none are as vile or wicked as thee.
Leaving me here my emotions vanquished and seething,
Most dead on the soil others barely breathing.
Deceived by your touch mesmerized by your words,
Entranced by the stories the lies my soul heard.
Leaving my mind my flesh hopelessly enchanted,
Luring me into the middle of your sea slanted.
These vacant tears that may one day evaporate,
Will rain once more if my soul would but wait.
When memories paint the portrait of this solved mystery,
It will shout the painful borders of our history.
To the sun and to the moon that looked on us from above,
I will confess what you showed me was a shadow of love.
Alone here my heart floundering on the ground,
Murdered and tortured by your soft touch and sweet sound.
Hypnotized by your dance and your abstract letters,
What was thought angel’s wings were displaced feathers.
So now you leave my swollen mind vacant,
Stories of our lives together only to be recanted.

Towers of Love and Lust

My heart climbs the tower of Babel to your face,
Your eyes to see you lips to taste.
Dance with your sweet breath’s masquerade,
Dream of the nights where deep love was made.
Though the mirror may confuse my eyes,
My soul will not run or fall surprised.
But will be hypnotized by the melodic sound,
It is too far off the earth to plummet down.
My hands are numb from years of building,
My heart is numb for constantly feeling.
Yet the bruises are far worth more than any treasure,
Seeing you is the nucleus of my pleasure.
And here will my will die and turn to dust,
Blown ashes in the wind of both love and lust.
My flesh climbs this tower of Babel to your breasts,
Their sweet nectar to accompany my rest.
Fly with the warmth of the flaming fire,
Dreams of the days that fueled my desire.
Yet the shadows cannot swallow the sun,
Though my soul is tempted to run.
But will stand firm as the heaven’s hue,
Sitting on the rose petals silent as dew.
My hands are numb anxious for your tender touches,
My heart is numb for living on crutches.
Yet the pain is a sacrifice worthy to pay,
Even if my thoughts are meals for bird of prey.
And here will I die and turn to dust,
Blown ashes in the wind of both love and lust.

I Don't Want Your Love (Unless)

I don’t want your love
Unless it is like a candle
Exuding a radiance that gives life to shadows
Unless it is like a symphony
Expelling a magnificence that gives endless echoes
Unless it is as warm as lava
Exploding from a thousand volcanoes
I don’t want your love
Unless it is vast as the field of stars
Exploring the reaches of far away galaxies
Unless it can inspire my oceans
Explaining the borders of all fantasies
Unless it is like a vast army
Expanding the reaches of my boundaries
I don’t want your love
Unless it is like the whispers of wind
Excelling the breezes beneath my wings
Unless it is as a town crier
Exclaiming the words the song I sing
Unless it is the precious stones in my crown
Exalting me as your friend, lover and king

Love (To Me)

My definition of love has become a sturdy tree
When I met you fell in love with you it saturated me
Your nutrients flowed through my thin sap
Strengthening invigorating the spring at the tap
My limbs grow wide but not wide enough to grasp your love
For it is as vast as the sky and stars above
Your touch gifts my arms with blossoms then fruit
Infusing my essence from the heights to my roots
My definition has changed from an article to volumes of books
It has taught my mind to feel my eyes to look
Your worlds baptize my borders as they flow through my veins
Nurturing inspiring the nerves that feed my brain
My imagination and dreams reach wide into the skies
For you have infused them with bliss beyond paradise
Your kiss gifts my soul with such ecstasy
Filling my body with joy from head to my feet

My Love

I cannot offer you roses or chocolate to embody my love
For my love is like the shadow cast by the sun
It disguises the things you hate both below and above
Darkens the wrinkles hides the blemishes others shun

I love you as a river that outgrows its banks
But floods the drought in the valleys and plains
It shields against the attacks from doubt on your flanks
Covering the mist of dire fragrances that disdain

I love you like my spirit needs to breathe
It is like the wind or the blossoms or the paths of seasons
My soul cannot exist without your sheathe

I love you like my heart cannot help but do
It is like a pulse or the sunrise or the pattern of oceans
My soul cannot survive without loving you

I cannot offer you diamonds or land to symbolize my love
For my love is like a wave caressing your shore
It washes the sands and shells that you are weary of
Consumes the footsteps and castles that your enemies adore

I love you as an orchard that yields fresh fruit
Covers the ground with many anxious seeds
It grows and is robust with rich deep roots
Dividing wisely the harvest between wants and needs