About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our conversations are light as a feather
Yet some that leave us on a tether
Such delight to hear her voice waking me
Or her laughter is such source of ecstasy
The subjects of our banter covers every shore
Even when there is silence we communicate more
Sometimes the seriousness of our thoughts so high
It enlightens my soul and expands my sky
Never have I been an open book torn down fences
 Let my guards go on holiday and destroyed self defenses
My secrets are safe in her arms and ears
My soul so at peace there is no pain or fears

Safe and Salve

Your arms offer such a peaceful calming feeling
Your words promise salve for my healing
Your kiss evaporate the tears I sweep
Your heartbeat lullabies my weary mind to sleep
There is a song that is in the air when you’re around
An ecstasy I looked for for so long but never found
Your scent inoculates me with such sweetness
Your touch has become my eternal weakness
Your eyes inspire creativity to grow
Your presence a paradise I always seek to know
There is a warmth when you are at my side
A beauty that can never be denied

Where Lies Paradise

Movement of your mouth makes my will melt
Being here with you feeling feelings never before felt
The words that form on the edge of your lips
Melodies that translate emotions to your hips
The virgin delights swim through my veins
Expanding the limits of my soul the rhythm of my brain
Your sweetness emanates from your spirit’s core
Causing my bliss to rejoice my heart to soar
The caresses that massage my rhythms so true
Here in your arms these sensations celebrate what it never before knew
The gentle touch of your fingers and hands
Makes my being smile and causes my soul to dance
The dreams that come true before my eyes
Provide a treasure map to indicate where paradise lies

Love Beyond Compare

So long I have waited for these moments of bliss
To look into your eyes and taste your tender kiss
Time makes the heart grow fonder yet creates voids
But spaces that only your presence can fill can know
So many sights and wonders now can be shared
An ecstasy that none or nothing can compare
So long I have waited to hold you hand once again
To hold so close my lover my best friend
Distance seems like a dream when we are apart
For we are so far away yet together dances our hearts
So many sounds and delights now we are face to face
A paradise no one or nothing can replace
So long I have waited to hear the melody of your laughter
To become lost in your sweet embrace the morning after
Dreams dill the loneliness when I am away from you
Memories also magnify and expand this love so true
So many joys and thoughts now can be shared
A perfection no one or nothing can compare

Paradise Right Here

I woke this morning in a ray of bliss
Warmed by your presence caressed by your kiss
Your smile warmer and brighter than the sunrise
Beauty and paradise found in your sleepy eyes
Your words like dew form on my heart’s flowers
But will never evaporate but stay infinite hours
Your touch excites the movement of my oceans
Baptizing my spirit in a tsunami of emotions
Peace reigns here in this place yet only a shadow of love
Light and grace surrounds and rains joy from above
Morning presents another tale another beautiful story
A chance to see more of your beauty and unrehearsed glory
Here in the tranquility of blankets and pillows
Here in the ecstasy of your arms love grows
Memories of the foregone night the bliss still lingering in the air
I find the place I have dreamt of right here


Today I laid here and made love to you a thousand times
Each one more passionate more wonderful than the last
Each time an episode of an unending story so precious and divine
Today I made to love to you ever so slow and deep and fast
We explored the shapes and curves and crevices
There was no spot that we did not caress or touch
We discovered spots that put a smile or sigh on our faces
There was no defining the expressions of our love
Today I laid here and kissed you a thousand times
Each one more beautiful more sweet than the one before
Each one set off blissful explosions in my mind
Today I laid here and kissed you until both of our souls soared
We traced the valleys and climbed the gentle hills
There were no limits to our communications to our thrills

The walls still echo of our moans of ecstasy
The air still vibrating such a melodic sound
The blankets and pillows sigh with relief
The mattress relaxing with the peace it has now found
The ceiling still blushing after what it saw
The floor still jealous for the paths we tread
The lampshade decorated with your panties and bra
The pool of sweat reverberating in the bed
The sheets still tangled in a puzzle on the floor
The plants still watered by the raining dew of sweat
The doors shaking from bliss it cannot ignore
The room reminiscing the night it can’t forget

She Loves Me

She loves me this I know
For her actions words and thoughts tell me so
The way she looks into my eyes
The way she makes my soul fly
The way she caresses my heart’s core
The way she makes my spirit soar
She loves me this I am sure
For her touches kisses are sweet and pure
The way she walks by my side
The way she laughs or cries
The way she holds my hand
The way she understands
She loves me there is no doubt
For her gifts thrill me inside and out
The way she listens to my words
The way she makes sense of the absurd
The way she sleeps in my arms
The way she saturates me with her charms
She loves me and always will
For it is beyond what I think dream or feel
The way she brightens my world with her smile
The way she shows her fashion and style
The way she dances and sings
The way she gives my thoughts wings
She loves me this I know
For everything she says and does tells me so

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let Us Dance

When the seas stretch to reach far into the lands
Let’s hold each other tight and dance
As the waves saturate dry dirt and churn the sand
Let’s caress and study the movement of hands
There is an ecstasy as the sky blushes in the west
There is a bliss as my head finds the soft warmth between your breast
I drown in the waves of vaulting emotions
Permeated by the wet warmth of your pulsating ocean
Tranquil with the caress of each drop that wont falter
I am soothed by the soft tenderness of your sweet water
When the seas recede and again reveal the lands
Let’s hold each other tight and dance
As the deported treasures of the sea lounge on the sand
Let’s gather them into our soul with anxious hands
There is a joy as the trees obey the winds plea
There is a peace as your body blossoms to receive me
I shiver in the waves of each motion
Drowning ever deeper into the warmth of your accepting ocean

That Sunday Morning

You lie in my arms and look into my closed eyes
Trying to define the lapse of understanding
How can you form words to describe paradise?
And how can you feed flesh that is so demanding?
I hear the questions you ask with our mouth fully closed
Lips are now bare its rich colors I hungrily swallowed
Our passion an ocean that ebbs and flows
Paths through darkness and drought our souls willfully followed
We stare into the night counting tiles on the ceiling
Trying to give reasons for questions unanswered
How can words envelope what we are feeling?
And how can you hear the lyrics if you are a dancer?
I hear the questions you ask as you pretend to sleep
Hair undone and clothes carpeting chairs and on the floor
Our ecstasy a process to sow and reap
Paths of bliss that nerves and flesh treasure and adore
You lay next to me and I breathe your breath
Trying to taste the thoughts that you hide in fear
How can words define the rise and death?
And how can lips speak inside here?

I Don't Need Anything Else But She

I say your name gently before I sleep
Each syllable rains upon my darkness with peace
The echo of your name electrify the air
Fills my room and strips my emotions bare
I close my eyes as the chords massage my brow
Each nerve wishes you were here now
I breathe your name into my pillow
Draping it around my head like branches of a willow
The pronunciation keeps me warm
Then awakens me to a bright beautiful morn

Hand In Hand

Hand in mine I study the curves the scars
Feeling the strengths and the weak spots
I can see the seeds and also the stars
And the memories that you once forgot
Eye to eye I gaze into the dreams that spring
Studying the passion and creativity rustles
I can hear the rhythms of your soul’s wings
And the future stand and flex its muscles
Side by side we stroll through rain sun and snow
Enjoying the silence or the melody of words
I can feel the thoughts and love that freely flow
And it is the most beautiful sound ever heard

Because Of You

You whisper my name and the reverberations
Travel through my veins touching virgin shores
You touch my lips gently with soft fingers
The sensations reach my soul inspiring it to soar
Your eyes have an eternal backstage pass
All my curtains and safes your solely hold the code
Your voice forever owns my ears to listen
Though their ability may fade as they became old
The inches of me belong to you
Every vacant lot or well architected landscape
Every sea river and vast ocean
You own every mountain every valley plateau and gape
You touch my chest and the beat quickens
Sending chills arching from my spine
You kiss my forehead and every ghost flees
And ecstasy fills the limits of my mind

Our Dance

We dance so close your flesh makes
Impressions on my bones
Rhythm of our hearts is our music
Our spirit blissfully moan
Eyes closed and the crowd vanishes
We are all alone
The sway of your body fits mine
Like we were a puzzle
Our mouths closed yet the joyful sounds
Can not be muzzled
We ignore the wars of the day
Peace truce declared in works scuffles
The music stops yet we continue
To dance our dance
We ignore the staring eyes
And questioning glances
For our world is galaxies away
In the heavens of romance


It is the apex of your mountain I seek
Not just sex but the blissful source to make you weak
I want you to open your mouth and say what makes no sense
Or perhaps a scream to express your desire to recompense
It is the volcano inside you that I want to erupt
To taste the burning lava that overflows from your cup
I want to hold your trembling body that you can’t control
I want to kiss your shores and caress you soothed soul
It is in the sunrise I want to see in your eyes
Not just the highs but the heaven of you I savor
To bravely be naked in your garden of paradise
I want to dwell in this Eden forever and four forevers

Paths Of Ecstasy

I watch you when you think I am deep into a TV show
I stare at your beauty though you don’t know
The mirrors and window offer a sweet reflection
Allow me to fantasize without detection
Even when you sleep next to me
I lay awake intoxicated by ecstasy
I watch you when you are delicately drinking coffee
I stare at you when you are sipping your tea
The shadow on the wall echo your beautiful shape
Reminding me of the bliss I never want to escape
Even when you are silently reading a book
I steal a glance or a brief clandestine look
I follow the paths of each strand of hair
It leads me to a land free of harshness and despair
The intoxicating scent makes my spirit high
The feeling of it in my fingers leave me satisfied
Silly strands caress the curvature of my face
I never want to hide or leave this peaceful place
It covers my eyes so I can only see silence
The darkness envelopes my dreams and my senses
It tickles and scintillates the nerves in my chest
I hear the love that each strand wants to express
This wonderful playground in your hair
Branded parting combing with fingers no other sensation can compare


She appeared in my life as both mercenary and fairy
Having the eyes of sinner and hands of a saint
With wings she cooled my erupting flesh
With words she conquered my no’s with a gentle yes
She appeared with a vision so beautiful yet scary
Possessing the power of turpentine and oil paint
With winds that caressed every thirsting nerve
She appeared in my life as both reality and ghost
Having the warmth of the sun and lightness of a rose petal
With wit to inspire my serious brain to laugh
With wiles to make me forfeit all that I have
She appeared as a parachute and parasite and I the host
Possessing a cloud’s softness and the cold strength of metal
With webs to entangle my thoughts and my will
With whims she had the desire to save and to kill

Keys To Your Safes

Your mouth is closed and I know it is not empty
I search for the key or combination to set words free
Another day ends and failure to touch that spot
Another prayer begins that wishes for the roots would not rot
Your mind is locked and I am on the outside alone
I put my coat and gloves it’s cold in this home
Another season passes though it is as empty as the last
Another reason scratched off my list looking to the past
Your heart is soldered so no one can enter
I prepare for a perpetual freezing winter
Another plea that the sun will return once again
Another knee bowed to pray for a warm spring rain
I will continue to dig to discover the reason why
Research to see how to prevent this tree’s plight
I will continue to pray and pursue until time ends
Until you are completely opened


Tonight I need four ears for I want you to hear it
All the things I want to say from my soul and spirit
I want to tell you a volume of tales series of stories
I want to fill the room with words and silent allegories
Tonight I need four hands for I want you to touch me all over
All the nerves want to be explored as if you were searching for a lucky clover
I want you to leave fingerprints on my soul
I want you to climb mountains explore caves until I lose control
Tonight I need four eyes for I want you to see all of me
All the thins in the shadows in the deserts and under the sea

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Forever Finding You

Yes I would follow you until the end of the rainbow
Even if there be no rare riches or pot of gold
For the love we share is far more valuable than metal
It is precious and certainly cannot be contained in any kettle
Even if I cannot hear your voice or see your beautiful face
My heart can sense where you are by the drops of grace
And when the storm clouds disappear surrendering to blue
I will be found for I will forever be finding you
Yes I would follow you until the end of the sky
Even if there were no wings or winds on which to ride
For the love we share is far greater than air
It is uniquely wondrous and infinitely rare
Even if I cannot tastes you sweetness or your touch feel
My soul can sense where you are and that you are real
And when darkness shrouds the heaven’s blue
I will be found for I will forever be finding you

My Forever Wife

My hands are anxious to hold your hands
For my forever wife my forever best friend
My heart wants to hold you for the love is true
And a feeling a fulfillment I can’t feel with anyone but you
My lips want to taste your sweetness like precious wine
For it is intoxicating to both spirit and mind
My ears long to hear the melody of your words
For it is more melodious than any sound I have heard
My skin wants to feel the tenderness of your touch
For there is no other sensation I enjoy as much

Drops of Reign

I rain saturating the thoughts on your brow
Dripping into your veins flowing to your heart
I reign on the highest cloud on the tip of your bow
Standing sturdy giving confidence through your dark
I rein restraining the onslaught of battlement from the enemy
Protecting your delicate spirit from being torn apart

Passing Ships Gentle Sips

She had eyes of salacious sapphire
They were as cool as ice yet burnt like fire
Her hair was like strands of sunlight
They would wrap themselves around me foretelling my plight
We met on a beach on a cloudy day
She hypnotized my will and swallowed everything I could say
There was little sun and yet there was no rain
The seas were calmed and the winds’ sighs were in vain
Our talk was not significant yet our words were stones
We built bridges and constructed what would be our home
We laughed and our armor and fences were unfurled
Our word dance made it a sunny delightful world
We talked about our baggage and journeys traveled
Our symphony made all defenses mute and unraveled
Time was short yet lasted an eternity
There were others around us yet we were solitary
We did not eat and did not drink
But we were fed by the things we would say or think
Although this jewel started with a gentle hi
A day like no other and would end with a simple bye

Impotent Potential

Paltry psalms in the halls of empty souls
Quandary of qualms flattens the brains hills and knolls
Rivers winds through the currents that rage
Winds wander between the lines of every page
Separable sepulchers house the remains of forgotten dreams
Memorable memoirs fade like the light of a child’s eye’s gleams
Castigated castaways stranded on islands surrounded by oceans
Resolved resolutions armed with vaulted emotions
Squandering my squalor as time contours a smooth surface
Yet I am taught lessons to win this race
Palpable palates anxious for the next breath’s taste
Query of quarries leaves found memories erased
Rains rejoinder to appease the prosecutor’s reign
Whispers wield sharp tongues that inflict injury and pain
Stilted stilts still maintain their strength and their guard
Mellow melee of passion erupts in my menial heart
Congested conjectures reverberate in the lonely dark caves
Reproved repose offers gentle pleas to save
Straining my strands to the maximum tensile strength
Yet I am stretched in height depth and length

I Know Where I Am But I Am Still Lost

Through water’s crest and the ocean’s ebb
Enticed by the fullness of her breasts
Caught in her tangled sticky web
Failing to recognize the series of tests
No defenses or remedy do I have in my arsenal
Can only wave a white flag and bow
Entranced by the words that have tunneled
Captured forced to kneel and loyalty avow
Through rains torrent and the sun’s scorching heat
Enchanted by the sparkle in her eye’s glint
Clutched in her twisted pounding heartbeat
Hypnotized by the fantasy’s hints
No shield or armor do I have to protect
Can only lay my will and wishes at her shoes
Enthralled by the sexy configuration of her neck
Clasped in the melody that her hips moves
Through the wind’s words and the night’s enveloping caress
Entwined by the rhythm of her vespers
Confined in her amalgam of affection she expressed
Listening to every note her soul whispers
No moat or force-field do I have at my disposal
Can only succumb and force my heart to concede
Engraved by the alluring frame of her proposal
Capsized in her storm I drown in the waves of her seas


If each grain of sand was a symbol of love
I would love you like an infinite number of beaches
If each star blessed our oneness from above
I would love you as far as each heaven reaches
If each drop of water was a love token
I would love you like a million seas
If each paper contained every love spoken
I would love you like an infinite orchard of trees

Crossing Borders of Bliss

My soul delivered I’d discover peace of mind
I would drown in your river a thousand times
Infuse my liver with your sweet wine
I would swallow every drop until I am saturated
I would wallow in your moisture until I am satiated
Our sweat our joyful tears would flow as one
Our bridges our fears we would know when the day is done
My soul near to nirvana when our hearts chime
I would fly in your stratosphere a thousand times
My spirit merely a stanza in our symphony’s rhyme

You Saved Me From Me

Calloused burned sutured and scarred
This was the condition of my heart
Black and blued broken in three
This was my emotional reality
Yet you took a chance
A gamble at romance
Blistered used and betrayed
Scorned wounded stabbed and frayed
Torn stripped ripped into pieces
This was my diagnosis
Yet you held me close
Soothed my aches and my purpose

Chains of Love

I’m captured wrapped forever in your embrace
My spirit enraptured with your soul’s face
I’m satiated with your beauty that flows from your eyes
My soul saturated with your soothing skies
I’m a prisoner behind bars made of dreams and pleas
You alone are the reasoner the warden holder of the keys
I’m impressed always with your thoughts so high
My mind blessed by the wisdom forever nigh
I’m healed by the fresh spring from your voice
My flesh sealed with your kiss inspiring layers of joys
I’m a servant shackled to your dreams and seas
For you alone am I fervent and you alone can free
I’m inspired forever by your emotions
My heart desires always to swim in your oceans
I’m warmed by your light and your core
My cells swarmed by love and each wants more
I’m a slave to your will so I bend my knees
You alone my heart I gave and only seeks you to please

More Than You Know

More than you know
Like the raindrops during a raging storm
Like the sand grains that carpet the beach
Like the bees during a swarm
Like the drips of water in the sea
More than you know
Like the stones that are on a mountain
Like the leafs in a dense forest
Like the stars in the heaven
Like the souls that must confess
More than you know
Like the hairs on your head
Like the fish in the ocean
Like the shells on the sea bed
Like the rivers that run
More than you know
I love you