About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emotional Mosaic

My thoughts are giants that slowly grow archaic,
Emerged in the translucence of this emotional mosaic.
A pattern of colors glowing in the midst of night,
They border the realities of both dark and light.
A design that details the map of destiny,
The topography and roadways living in me.
Hate, love, bravery, and fear,
Joy pain faith is all here.
A spectrum of where my heart has been and where it will go,
A smorgasbord of thoughts that I will never know.
This touch that kiss these words of charm and love,
Rain and scorch me from the heavens so high above.
A rainbow of dreams that fade with the evaporation of moisture,
Feeding the seeds of a forgotten yet invaluable future.
Sadness gladness and a hopeful wish,
Confusion and wisdom here they all exist.
Infinite notes in this composed symphony,
The melody moves my soul and expands me.
A rhythm of clouds and leaves of eaves and wind,
They surround me with angels of grace and demons of sin.
Their song is sweet my mind cannot help but dance,
The sweet sound puts my soul in a deep trance.
Hate, love, bravery, and fear,
Joy pain faith is all here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Am What I Am

Though I have neither the heart
Of an evil man nor a priest
Don’t glorify my gifts from the start
Nor count me among the last or least
I am what I am
And that is all I am
Though I have neither the hands
Of a master or a poet laureate
Don’t think or seek to understand
For I have not told my story yet
I am what I am
And that is all I am

Echoes Of Black

There is a rhythm that my soul moves to
It resonates in the clouds and tickles my feet
The notes shatter my glass, sticks to my mind like glue
Flows through my veins and alters my heartbeat
But the words in the air keep my life on track
From the jungles to the city are these echoes of black
There are hues that decorate the canvas of my sky
It rains a spectrum of colors that saturate my dreams
The colors transform the shade of my ideas like dye
Springing up in the warmth of a soothing sun beam
But the rhymes fill me and keep my life intact
From the deserts to the city are these echoes of black
There are seasonings that make my buds dance
It excites my nostrils to smell them in the air
The tastes give my appetite wings puts my mind in a trance
Saturates my flesh with fulfillment beyond compare
But the scent in the atmosphere keep my life from being at lack
From the oasis to the city are these echoes of black

Only One You

There are many beautiful shores of both oceans and seas
A pleasant breath in the forest of various trees
So many silhouettes of mountain ranges and hills
Sights that evoke passion joy or thrills
There are sunsets and sunrises that can set a heart aflame
And far too many wonderful monuments to find and name
So much wonder found in the sky’s various shades of blue
Yet although the world has been traveled there is only one you
There are so many clear cool peaceful streams
A delightful field of flowers to reflect and dream
Countless gardens that celebrate the births from the soul
Sounds that echo so wonderfully in the air regal and royal
There are many of the same glorious smells east and west
And so many places just to sit contemplate and rest
So much splendor from so many points of view
Yet although the world has been traveled there is still only one you

I’ve seen brilliance in many lands and in many faces
Touched the borders of both loud and silent places
Been inspired by shapes and different types of hues
All these memories are special but there is only one you
There are songs and voices that touch my heart
Taste sweetness that saturated me from the start
Sunsets and sunrises that make everything seem so new
All these are wonderful but there is only one you
My mind cluttered with memories in the past
But they merely visit for their presence never lasts
Yet thoughts of you are tattooed on my heart and brain
Visions of your loveliness flow through my every vein
I’ve seen oceans and beaches with such delightful views
All such splendid sights but there is only one you

The Weary Bed

The sheets now a piled hill on the weary bed
A swelled river now given to peaceably rest
Where once tulips and daffodils reclining heads
Your heart now lies on the comfort of my chest
Hands still caressing the dew on our satisfied skin
Eyes dreamy still echoing the visions seen
Worlds smile and fireworks celebrate the places we have been
The dying forest and fields turn from brown to green
Pillows the mattress becomes the clouds we roam
Springs in our hearts flow forming a crystal sea
The bliss is our galaxy our love is our home
We lay as one relishing our new found ecstasy

Still Born

These emotions have been a seed for many years
Fed by sun clothed by the earth watered by seasons of tears
Alone in the darkness visited only by worms or occasional bug
But void of light unfamiliar to the joy of love
There were no tunes of laughter or rhythmic soothing melodies
Everything still smothered unable to see of breathe
A cage or a coffin constructed of dirt to contain this kernel
Sentenced to be silenced dead and dying here eternal
Yet one day a leaf will be shed for the forlorn
Of seeds that hopelessly lay and perhaps grow but are still born
These dreams have been stored away locked in vases
Covered by activities and thoughts that had hid their faces
Forgotten memories on paper or somewhere in a weighted mind
A buried treasure if anyone ever was to mysteriously find
There was no celebration or elation when the dreams once filled the sky
For now they lie dormant and are invisible to both heart and eye
An urn filled with the remains of what once was
Only an echo of the past colors of life and love
Yet one day breath will come back to avenge the mourn
Of dreams a seed planted in the ashes and are still born
These thoughts that my soul tastes are stored in vaults
Their original sweetness replaced by sourness and salts
Ridiculed writings scribbled on the borders of my spirit
Such delightful melodies in the air if one would but hear it
There were no awards or medals to wear on my deflated chest
No couch or bed on which my weary heart could rest
Just steel cages that shielded them from rain from above
But also isolated them from ears of light and love
Yet one day they will be released free from their scorn
Of thoughts seeds planted in the darkness are still born

On The Inside

There are times when I stand before you with my fences down
And I feel more naked then than if I had my clothes off
Your eyes stare through layers until the real me is found
Yet the viewing is not harsh or accusatory but gently and soft
My guards leave their posts and the vicious dogs rest
And I feel confident and unashamed to bare my all
Your soul searches my heart and is a welcomed guest
To visit to relax to waltz through my rooms and my vaults
There are times when the bridges over my moats are lowered for you
And I feel joy and peace knowing your presence is there
Your hands feel my thoughts and songs so true
As your voice and your tattoos are left everywhere
My infrared cameras are shut off the electric fences now safe
And I feel love and comfort both near and wide
Your thoughts travel into dark hidden caves
Yet my spirit rejoices that you are on the inside

When I Am Around You

There is a new rhythm in the midnight air
Found in the bliss of your smile the touch of your hair
Music and fireworks fill the once vacant night
In your arms is warmth peace and light
The melody decorates the halls of my brain
My soul sways to the vibrant pulse in my veins
Your words caress the paths of my gentle shores
Your beauty fills my world now and forever more
For so long my dreams have felt the touch of your skin
Now my reality is for their realization to begin
My defenses are swiftly torn down by your eyes
The fences bow to your smell and tastes of paradise
My spirit is at home in the comfort of your arms
The scars the secrets the fragile spots are safe from harm
There is a celebration in the stars far above
They sing and dance to honor our love

Paths of Passion

In blazing passion you bit my chest
The scar lasted for over a month but my soul acquiesced
Yet the impression will stay for an eternity
For the sweet tattoo was left on the whole of me
We lay there in the moist hot darkness and I realize
That I have never been touched by woman, truth, or lies
And know that you had done the same to me and my heart
The paths of passion tear my world apart
With a warm embrace my pulse again quickens
The fireworks explode in my spirit
Ecstasy increases as our night’s plot thicken
While love echoes off the walls so clear you can hear it
My muscles grow tired my voice is so weak
All that I have has been given to you
There are no more drops of sweat or words I can speak
That would communicate my love, my lust, my bliss and my joy so true

All of Me Misses All of You

My lips miss the sweet taste of your kiss
My eyes long to view your beautiful bliss
My hands miss touching your soft skin
My ears are empty without your voice dancing in them
My nose misses the sweet flavor of your scent
My heart wonders how the time so swiftly went
The sky is void of all shades of blue
For all of me misses all of you
My legs miss walking beside yours
My spirit wishes again to waltz on your shores
My arms miss being locked in a tight embrace
My vision longs to see the expression on your face
My muscle misses the relaxation of your massage
My mind misses the elegant assuage
The world is less bright and the beauty less true
For all of me misses all of you

Monday, July 14, 2008

On Straight Street

My eyes turned toward the earth in deep dark conceit
Avoiding the glances from the crooked on Straight Street
There shadows make my soul stop and shiver
Their echoes make my rhythm silently quiver
My mouth is covered by this steel reinforced mask
I am lost in the world but for directions I will never ask
My glasses obscure the true outline of my wondering eyes
So I do look around their world without being recognized
My wealth is hidden so perhaps they won’t decide to mug
I walk tall and confident but not like the path of a thug
My mind swims in an ocean of dull but wavering concrete
Dancing in between rain drops on Straight Street
There clouds are opaque and sing with boisterous thunder
Their voices tear walls and weakened fences asunder
The sun is hid behind the long outstretched arms of vaulted trees
My thoughts like kites swimming in the hurricane breeze
I am uneasy in their world though you would never tell
My heart believes it is in heaven but my soul knows that this is hell
The long coat I wear covers the Achilles heal that I own
I only hope that my shoes can take me to my home
My dreams fade and die in the night incomplete
Dodging the piercing stares from the crooked on Straight Street
There buildings are masks to hide fear and sin
Their breath weights the air with bourbon and gin
Flowers never blossom and the grass is never green
Laughter is never heard and kindness is rarely seen
Their world is an innocuous germ my ears avoid
I have lost my peace my equilibrium annoyed
Hope to cross soon into my own neighborhood
Go from dark to light from evil to good

So Vein

The breath of your soul blows rainbows across my blistered skies
Twisting dancing flying altering the movement of the trees
Without wings your touch gifts solid object strength to fly
Bending rivers and enraging the excitement of the seas
I can sense your touch though I cannot see your connection
For I feel your sensation but cannot tell from what direction
A soft caress that delights the borders of my brain
My dear my love my heart you are so vane
Your words are blankets that shield my soul from the heat of the sun
But they are bland and hold empty promises that fade
With only echoes and shadows left after the day is done
You turn your heart on every contract that you made
I can sense your insincerity in the corner of your lying eyes
For I feel your emotions though know you cleverly disguise
A cold touch that freezes the melody of my brain
My dear my love my heart you are so vain
The dreams that vaccinates the shores of my rivers
Alter the current that travels to the ocean
They flow to the core of my heart cause my skin to shiver
And turn my will into confused emotions
I can discern the pulse that inspires such a subtle beat
For I feel the sensation in my skin and in my feet
A gentle touch that confuses the thoughts of my brain
My dear my love my heart you are so vein

Her Gift

When I talk to her she echoes dreams of the possible not fear
She whispers to my world erasing the shadows of doubt
Her encouragement touches my heart through my ears
And changes the shapes of my illusions and thoughts
When my mirror tells me that I can’t succeed
She breaks the reflection and lets me know that I can
She waltzes through my grounds planting seeds
Inspiring chasing horizons and catching rainbow’s hands
When my flesh tells me just to give up and let it die
She holds me tight and stares into my soul
She finds the potion to give me the wings to fly
And convinces me that any lack will become whole
When my will is broken and there are knives in my back
She sutures up the wounds and gently kisses my mind
She makes my emotional bank account go from red to black
And allows me love, joy and peace to find
When pity becomes my morning and evening meal
She cooks a delicacy that fills my souls hunger
She presses and prays until it vanquishes all ill
And my walls are torn demolished asunder
When I feel lost and unloved and alone
She kisses my spirit and shines her smile so bright
She holds my hands and tells me I am home
Tells me she loves me and my world is made right

Celebration of Our Love

There is a new rhythm in the midnight air
Found in the bliss of your smile the touch of your hair
Music and fireworks fill the once vacant night
In your arms is warmth peace and light
The melody decorates the halls of my brain
My soul sways to the vibrant pulse in my veins
Your words caress the paths of my gentle shores
Your beauty fills my world now and forever more
For so long my dreams have felt the touch of your skin
Now my reality is for their realization to begin
My defenses are swiftly torn down by your eyes
The fences bow to your smell and tastes of paradise
My spirit is at home in the comfort of your arms
The scars the secrets the fragile spots are safe from harm
There is a celebration in the stars far above
They sing and dance to honor our love

We Were Meant To Be

There was a day we laid on the cooling sands
Listening to the waves and shore gently dance
We would feel the clouds smile the sun agree
That together we were meant to be
Or spirits glowing flying in the sky above
Celebrating this time together in love
Without words we spoke volumes to one another
Transforming anxious friends to satisfied lovers
Soothed by the whispers that hung in the wind
How I wish this evening would never end
The moon played games with our shadows
Moving them to mimic actions we would know
There is such ecstasy in your touch your kiss
That ignites such passion and such bliss
We can hear in the ocean and in the trees
That together we were meant to be
Our souls so light and so warmed by love’s fire
Celebrating this time of peace and desire
The contour of our thoughts our dreams perfectly blend
How I wish this evening would never end

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How I Love You

I cannot offer you roses or chocolate to embody my love
For my love is like the shadow cast by the sun
It disguises the things you hate both below and above
Darkens the wrinkles and hides the blemishes others shun

I love you as a river that outgrows its banks
But floods the drought in the valleys and plains
It shields against the attacks from doubt on your flanks
Covering the mist of dire fragrances that disdain

I love you like my spirit needs to breathe
It is like the wind or the blossoms or the paths of seasons
My soul cannot exist without your sheathe

I love you like my heart cannot help but do
It is like a pulse or the sunrise or the pattern of oceans
My soul cannot survive without loving you

I cannot offer you diamonds or land to symbolize my love
For my love is like a wave caressing your shore
It washes the sands and shells that you are weary of
Consumes the footsteps and castles that your enemies adore

I love you as an orchard that yields fresh fruit
Covers the ground with many anxious seeds
It grows and is robust with rich deep roots
Dividing wisely the harvest between wants and needs

Your Words

Words lay fossilized on the paths of your yesterday’s dreams
Crystallized by the sepulcher of destiny’s redeeming streams
They reappear when you open the hidden closets in your vaults
Whispering when you are hoping they have ridden the impure thoughts
They echo when you are storing your baggage in the cellars
Knowing when you are whoring rages sin dwellers
Nouns use verbs to dance into your wildest nightmares
They take herbs to prance on the manifest software
But when the sun breaks your eyelids combination they still sing
The darkness aches and forbids relaxation until they sting
You look at me the silence cuts the air like a sword
You took the resilience but the stares speak every word

Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind

I drank seven gallons of cooled holy water
Turned up the AC cause the room was getting hotter and hotter
Prayed and fasted until my heart was too weak and numb
Rubbed Ben Gay on my soul until my tongue was dumb
Still the remedy I can never find
Cause I just can’t get you off of my mind
I got into a good book so deep
Watched movies until I was too wired to sleep
Danced in the mirror until my muscles went weak
Sang love songs to your picture until I could not speak
Got drunk off of dreams and bottle of red wine
Still can’t you get you off of my mind
I ate a whole strawberry cheesecake
Sat in the sauna until my dreams were baked
Jogged in the park until my legs fell off
Drew until the walls began to scoff
Stared at your cards until I went blind
Cause I can’t get you off of my mind
I wrote my thoughts on reams of paper
Rode taxis and trains and toured skyscrapers
Surfed the internet until my fingers bled
Repeated your words until the ceiling echoed what was said
Still the cure is never found and never kind
Cause I just can’t get you off of my mind

My Desire

I want to breathe my words on your neck
Kiss the borders of your soul as it dreams
And dance with you on an ocean liner’s deck
Whisper thoughts to beat your ear drum beams
I want to climb your mountain to its peak
Swim in your ocean until my soul drowns
And walk in your forest until my heart can’t speak
Ascend the path of your love and never come down
I want to trace the outline of your skin
Taste the scents that hide behind your mind
Soar to your heavens and glide slide again and again
Until ecstasy, paradise, perfect bliss we both find
I want to roam in the jungles of your feelings
Discover treasures that even you don’t know of
Caress the joy that you have been concealing
And celebrate the glory, the light, the warmth of our love
I want to kiss your shapes and curvatures
Listen to your laughter and your moans
Rejoice to the paths of our adventures
Attend to every subtle muscle every rigid bone
I want to make love to you like the waves do the shore
Splashing thrashing wet and wild or gentle and slow
I want to make love to you until we can do no more
Then hold you and breathe on your neck so my love you will know

A Man, Amend, Amen

Wilted by the weight of time,
Wrinkles form where once dreams were.
Prayers cover him blanket his arctic circles,
Broken and restored by love.
He sits on the porch or by the window his front seat to the world.
Cataracts alter his vision of the day,
Distant shadows of friends block his mind from the sun.
The silent sky is dreadfully still,
Then there is a whisper of wind,
To a man.

Leaves leap from the grasp of trees,
Leaving the arms barren and naked.
Blanketing the ground in yellow and orange,
Abandoned and betrayed by time.
They rest dying on the earth transforming into dry brownness.
Chlorophyll, a dream of yesterdays,
Secluded clouds shroud the world from the sun.
The ground is terribly still,
Then there is a murmur of wind,
To amend.

Dried soil forgotten by seasons of green,
Creased by the movement of breezes.
Entreaties expound beyond the limits of limbs,
Embraced and cherished by life.
They dance in the earth and on the windows,
Copulation of hope and tomorrows,
Sheltered secrets open the vaults of warmth from the sun.
The hushed sky is awfully still,
Then there is a rumor of wind,


Tears flowed like wine,
On pristine white floors,
Leaving fresh stains with each new spring.
Nurse’s hands leave imprints on my shoulders.
The symphony of monitors still shadow my memory.
Your body wilted,
Your eyes numb,
Your mouth screaming silence.
This seat next to you,
My new home of four legs.
I sing,
I remember,
I pray,
The doctors don’t hear,
Perhaps God doesn’t either,
You hear,
You sigh deeply.
Others hear air,
I clearly heard you loved me.

The leak in my spirit starts again,
On freshly waxed floors,
Leaving a new lake at my feet.
Pastor’s words leave echoes on my soul,
Cries of the IV whisper to my ghosts.
Your body still,
Your ears barren,
Your hands dancing in dreams.
This seat next to you,
Has become my bed.
I think,
I hope,
I pray,
Family does not feel your pulse,
Perhaps God doesn’t either.
You feel,
You move your fingers in my grasp,
Others remain anesthetized,
I clearly felt you hug me.

The Silhouette of Shores

Skipping stones across dream’s wide lake,
Skimming the surface of soul-full disdain,
Holding the essence of life in my hands,
Then letting it soar, far, to the other shore.
Concentric ripples resonant in the still water.
Broken whispers echo,
Cracking this pottery of poetry,
Fragile like liquid’s face yet so deep.
Ancient rocks swim to the bottom of darkness.
Flattened smoothed by time, wind, the churning of earth,
Ideas and hopes take flight through the air.
The friction of water kisses them with each touch.
Cold seemingly lifeless stones,
Holding onto the power that released them.
Even the gravity you place on their roundness,
Will not prevent them from reaching,
Their destiny.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Falling In Love Again

Stars above my heart wishes to fall
Winds from the north no longer wait
To give love wings to forget the past’s call
The horrid memories of this absent state
There where hope is lost and is so strange
That this savor may be released
Into this world and be the catalyst of change
To turn an image of beauty from this beast
Rains above baptizing the thirsting birds
Sing of joy and the end to caves of silence
A sound so beautiful the world has never heard
And cover my body with a sweet fragrance
My heart wishes to leap and sing
And bless the emotions that the sun chose
To dance upon the trembling violin
Or to lay on a petal of a rose
To touch the path of the wind
Or ride on the edge of the infinite sky
My heart now has found a soul friend
That gifts the wings of love to eternally fly
To travel to the depths of the great sea
My soul has embraced love's meditation
To view pockets and closets of my own virginity
And touch the shores of my mind's habitation
Jumping out of this plane above cloud nine
With no parachute but faith in destiny
That our souls will be as one combined
That the wings of love will lift you and me


Though alone we stand we are still incomplete
For there are trophies that we would never compete
A tear of dew off of the awakening morning plants
Moisture to cool our comforting firm stance
And every night a flower lays dead on the field
Testimony of the day's secrets revealed
Your flesh in my hand in the closet your bones
A heart a mind though one I will never own
When my wishes are masked by the threat of pleasure
Bankrupt emotions search for the keys to your treasure
Deaf, dumb, and numb my heart lay still now
Only movement a droplet of sweat lingers on my brow
Desires real and they are mounting to excess
Though your heart and mind I will never possess
Thousands of feelings marching incessantly by
Quelling my heart to mount wings and ride in the sky
The sun fades and the land slowly darkens
Our hands part for the call of land and love we can not hearken
White flag raised our hearts march in a hurried retreat
Now we stand alone separate but still complete.

Her Perilous Pearl

Alone as she felt her heart hardened
A stone amongst the pebbles in her Japanese garden
Following the blue bird over the edge of the barbed wire
The heat in her veins rising higher and higher
Her lovers gone things were going too fast
Now she must put on a smile the real her to mask
Sweat joining with her eyes that are teary
Stomach cramps in fear of hari kiri
She found this pearl that is now in the west
A imperfect jewel that now lays on her breast
It has saved her from the tip of the knife
Has touched her heart and now inspires her life
Once seen as a worthless stone in other's eyes
To her is now priceless and causes her heart to fly
Can these blemished remnants of pressurized sand
Transform the pain the oceans have brought this woman
The sands of time in this hourglass
Will answer if the necklace shall forever last
Will the time and distance that now separates
Touch her heart still though her soul anticipates
Will the mountains and valleys and countless seas
Fade the thoughts the experiences and memories
This jewel has now found a home in her heart's world
Forever to be one forever to be her imperfect prefect pearl

I Forget.....Not Yet

It’s Tuesday and her scent is still lingering on my skin
Intoxicating my mind with hint of bliss deep within
I turn the corner and think I see her face so I give chase
I look in the sky though and see the same visions of here every place
Days go by and a weekend again is before my eyes
And her touch still has my skin shivering nigh
Thoughts of her dreams I wake up with my pillow soaked wet
Though it has been a week I forget ….not yet
She has me riding on the crest of a tidal wave
Her kiss makes my mind misbehave
She laughs and my heart skips a beat getting out of time
Days go by and yet she is ever present in my mind
It’s Tuesday once again and visions of her surround me like friends
Time comes and disappears but she lingers once again
The fog may one day be dispersed and disappear
But for now every where she inevitably appears
My heart once freely flying now caught in her net
Though it has been weeks I forget…. not yet
Her words echo on my ear drums causing my soul to dance
Our meeting our union certainly not something per chance
And here I am staring into the mirror trying to find myself once more
But I have traveled too far away from my core
Lost in thoughts of her unable to find my way back home
So here in the land of bliss and beauty I will roam
Her kiss the wine that drunkens my spirit with intoxication
Her personality the ingredient that starts the complications
I seem to be gaining her and losing my self
There has been some exchange of riches and wealth
There has never been someone like her that I have never before met
Still months later I am still intrigued I forget…. not yet

Far And Yet So Near

The sun is well hid behind the mask of clouds
Earth covered in this sullen gray shroud
But warmth can be felt that is so dear
Rays penetrate from so far and yet so near
You call to me over mountain, land, and sea
Echoes ring in my ears of your words to me
The sound waves travel over miles but are clear
Each note from a source so far and yet so near
Stars adorn the evening sky of black
Like sprinkled sugar on a dark velvet back
But the brilliant lights shine from year to year
Reaching us through miles so far and yet so near
Your heart shivers and my soul dances
My mind blushes red at each of your glances
I long for you and my soul sheds a tear
For we are apart so far and yet so near
Waves are covertly born in some distant land
Where mighty winds and water dance hand and hand
We see their last tango as they crash the pier
From a home that is so far and yet so near
I dream of your caress and your voice so true
Wish you would appear like abstruse dew
I miss you for with you there’s no fear
For surely we are so far and yet so near

Where She Will Meet Me

One day when the full moon kisses the turquoise sea
When the mockingbird sings a soulful melody
Somewhere where the rose meets the pyramid’s stare
She said at that point she will meet me there

For we met before when the clouds erupted rain
But the sun was still a chandelier in the sky’s pain
So rainbows flew and sparkled even though things were wet
This was the place and atmosphere ne’er to forget

Each time since when we are face to face
Nature does something spectacular to this place
Something particular to signify that we are unique
And that feeling that surrounding is what I seek

So she told me of the conditions that will exist
When once again we will stare into each other’s eyes’ wish
The day of fireworks and celebrations
Of blossoming emotions and conversations

I search through the many seasons
And through dreams for signs and reasons
That foretell of the moon and sea the songs and stare
For when I discover them … she will meet me there

Lesser Summits

Emotions rise and tears plummet
Heart in chains sentenced to climb lesser summits
Mind lost its grip on reality
Sent all to the ground a hard destiny
But without wings or parachute
The soul can’t escape gravity’s pull
Landing on its heart it lay still for a moment
Looking to the horizons for lesser summits
Mental work outs to build cerebral muscles
Books read out to obtain wisdom’s trestle
Heart is faint and short of breath
Mind is weary of falling to its death
Emotions rise and tears plummet
Soul trembling as it climbs lesser summits

Begin the Beguine

Here in this primordial abyss,
Somewhere in the gripes of pain and bliss,
My mind has begun the beguine,
And sentenced me to this cage that I am in.
Surrounded by a rose and lily fantasy,
But the barbed fence separating us is the reality.
Sentenced to smell the sweet succulent scent,
And view the bright colorful tint.
My senses so alive and inspired,
Soothed but also burnt by the fire.
So many adjectives , nouns, and verbs,
That must remain lost and unheard.
So many adventures into distant lands,
That must go unseen eternally banned.
So many songs and melodies sublime,
That will only ring in the corners of my mind.
So many textures that will remain unfelt,
No anecdote or prescription my heart lay unquelled.
So many boundaries and borders to cross,
But paths to them are well hid here remain I lost.
Thus I realize I am impelled to go,
To suffer a lost of a joy that I may never know,
And time will riddle my mind as it passes by,
Of eternal questions of who, what, when , and why.
So I bid adieu for my mind must part,
Blanketed with the past and current yearnings of my heart.
Fences erected and repaired mines once again laid,
In hopes that my visions and dreams and memories will one day fade.
So I sit here and wonder what could have possibly been,
And try to keep my mind from again beginning the beguine.

The Measure of a Mother's Worth

There is no way to measure a mother’s worth
The depths of her love and her gentle care
The bond she has with her children from birth
No gift or treasure can ever compare
Her words that become engraved in her children’s mind
Start as only seeds planted in the fertile soil
But they take root so the right path they may find
As these trees mature and face both joy and turmoil
There is no way to measure a mother’s worth
No scale or ruler or number can calculate
There is no equal of her love here on earth
No riches or value can be given to compensate
Her touches that heal the wounds on the knee or elbow
Can also comfort the wounds on the spirit or the heart
They inspire and lift up those that are low
And encourage her children from the very start
There is no way to measure a mother’s worth
The attention that she shows the ones she raises
The abundant supply of affection and mirth
Is worthy of infinite gratitude and praises
Her wisdom is beyond what words can say
The limitless strength that she uses to protect
The love that she shares from day to day
Deserves much honor and respect
There is no way to measure a mother’s worth
The intensity of her love is both precious and rare
The bond she has with her children from birth
There is no equal of her indefinite worth anywhere

Something Left To Love

She had been on crack sold her soul for cash
She killed her babies and done no good to speak of
She dropped out of high school and drowned her dreams
Alone and broken yet sill there is something left to love
She had stolen from her mother’s seeds
She had laid with dogs and dirt enough
She shot poison in her veins and drowned in booze
Weak and starved yet still there is something left to love
She put tattoos on her spirit sinned against her flesh
She had only rugged valleys her life was so rough
She looked much older than her true age
Damaged and abused but still there is something left to love
She tried thousands of remedies to numb the pain
She cursed God up above
She was pregnant with hurt and unbearable grief
Used and hopeless but still there is something left to love


Your words are food for my soul
Your hair the solution to my demise
Your charm makes my heart whole
Your touch soothes my mind’s eyes
Your kiss makes my brow feign wet
My precious princess my dearest Juliet
Your wisdom expands my reality
Your smell swells beauty in my world
Your laugh excites joy within me
Your taste a priceless pearl
Your creativity as diverse as each sunset
My precious princess my dearest Juliet
Your potential extends beyond the skies
Your accomplishments are greater than my dreams
Your grace gives me wings to fly
Your beauty unlike any ever before seen
Your originality is the most unique ever met
My precious princess my dearest Juliet
Your visions are greater than my comprehension
Your eloquence touches the depth of my heart
Your bravery quells my seed’s apprehension
Your kindness has been felt from the very start
Your essence has transformed me from linguist to poet
My precious princess my dearest Juliet

Tomorrow She Weds

Memories echo things that were done even words said
For yesteryear we were lovers but tomorrow she weds
Emotions are confused my mind in futile disarray
Discontent where I am yet my heart reaches back to yesterday
Yesterdays where a word was priceless precious was her touch
A smile brought sunshine her laugh meant so much
All that I can do is to be happy for her and wish her well
Let life go on for her and keep her away from my private hell
Time may one day bury the feelings that swim through my head
For yesteryear we were lovers but tomorrow she weds
The poems the stories will be put on my heart’s shelf
Retreat into the safe corridors deep within my self
Maybe one day she will smile and forgive me
Though the logic the reasons she may never see
There are still spaces in my life that only she can fill
Past seems so far away yet the memories can charm me still
Pictures remind me of what once was and the longing is fed
Yesteryear we were lovers but tomorrow she weds

The Temptress

It was 3am and I found myself decomposing at the bar
Next to the mouth of this shadow with its pleasingly supple teeth
The gin had taken its affect as I swaggered to her car
Walking seemingly straight with her weak arms underneath
The seat swallowed me as she sped off into the night
My head bobbing to stay awake though my heart all ready was faint
Rain attacking the windshield was my last sight
Before coffee was before me along with this sinner/saint
The air was heavy with anticipation and compromise
Although my mind was altered my guard was wavering
I could still see the deception the calculated demise
Her lips were inviting but it was flesh they were savoring
Gin had traveled from my gut to my brain
Causing my muscles to ease transforming my vision
What was passed off as nonsense is suddenly appearing sane
My integrity my goals now tilting toward derision
What once was a smile now appears to be a grind
The shadow stares through the mask of my heart
Salivating in anticipation that a meal it will find
Her intention and plan from the very start
My heart races out of fear not out of desire
An escape must be found to free me
From going from the kettle into the fire
Or from the sinking boat into a raging sea
Her touch sends flesh and soul into a civil war
Both strong adversaries from years of treason
Both strong equally equipped with shields and swords
The soul wins the battle with true reason
6 am and my flesh and soul are still in tact
Though teeth marks are seen but no skin is broken
They all survived the temptress vile attack
The sunshine killed the will the shadow had spoken

Lamentation For Susan

I lament for Susan for her heart has gone astray
She invested in fool’s gold and is now bankrupt today
Her eyes and soul were touched by what seemed to be the real thing
But now broken and battered can no longer use her God given wings
So much potential so much grave and love to give
Now crippled for life she sometimes looses the desire to live
Vision now blurry from the rivers of cold tears
Heart shivering from the oppression of her fears
Mind confused to perceive what is truth and what is a lie
Her emotions grow to stone her will begins to die
A bottle a joint ice cream or more her only release
Though none can fill the void or yield any peace
A friend’s voice can temporarily invoke a smile
But only for a brief moment then returns that pain so vile
There is no sun in her world just ice and cold
Where once was spring time has turned brittle and old
Every breath tortures her bleeding heart to beat
Every memento only a painful reminder of her deceit
Nightmares whether fast asleep or wide-awake
Each pulse of life causes her heart to break
I lament for Susan for her pain is the demon’s muse
I will pray for her and give her a magnifying glass to use

Thought You Knew

Lofty dreams falter and tumble to the ground
Skies scream dark and cold when you’re not around
Winds blow my mind and the sea fries my soul
Rain is like sharp needles and muscles lose their control
Flowers emit stench and food taste like dirt
All is in disarray when you’re not next to my earth
Eyes are blind my brain is so sore
Flesh is weak and my heart is tore
Soul is aching my pulse grows weak
Hands grow numb when your touch it seeks
Thought you knew that the effect you have on me
That like eagles wings you allow my heart to fly free
Thought you knew how the atmosphere obeys your command
Perfect peace and contentment when next to you I stand
Lightning strikes my mind volcanoes erupt in my heart
Tsunamis attack the shores of my soul tearing it apart
Deep within my flesh my muscles forever ache
The foundation of me quivers with the onset of earthquakes
Tree branches seek to hang me wild animals come in pursuit
All is in dismay when I am not next to you
My oceans and rivers turn to blood and begin to rot
Ambitions and goals launched but swiftly come to naught
Spinning my wheels in the mire of shame I get nowhere
No caring hands no tender voice alone for you are not there
Thought you knew what you bring to my reality
Thought you knew that you are a key ingredient of my sanity
Thought you knew that next to me is where you are supposed to be
Thought you knew that together we fulfill destiny

Dawning of Morn

The song rings out once again inspiring my soul to sing
Not a song of pain and glory, but a sweet symphony
The hard downpour will nurture and reap bright flowers
Strands of web the wind will break before life sours
The past dirt flowing into the resurrected river
Dire thoughts lowing from my heart sifted through my liver
Cloud like curtains rolled back into the breadth of the sky
Wings remounted on my soul once again permitted to fly
Emotions pure and the will to create inspired and reborn
Eyes opened complete soul anxious for the dawning of morn
So many questions come to mind but trying not to mettle
So many thoughts that ring but my heart can’t be settled
Can her voice ignite the fuse in my soul?
Would her touch make my will loose control?
Where is the epicenter that has shaped my life?
What is the yearning to change her from woman to wife?
Who does her songs go to on a cold winter’s eve
When will the red lights be lit for those never to leave?
Could her eyes heal all the aching in my mind?
Should my heart become drunk from the life’s sweet wine?
How has her essence touched the very shores of me?
And her smile the only source of light that I can see

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Who Will Cry

Who will cry for the young girls slain?
Innocent and free from the prisons of pain
Dreams and visions that will never be seen
Cut short before their prime before they became teens
A trip to school like any other normal day
An evil fool changed it forever with violent display
Tears will flow like the freezing fall rains
Saturate the earth with gauntlets of disbelief and pain
Strangers from far away will squirm with shame
Psychologists search for an occurrence to blame
A silent schoolhouse warm like the sun
Now echoes of grief from the sins done
Leaves will fall to cover the autumn ground
Blanketing the sleeping soil shielding it from the vile sounds
Squirrels gather their food birds will fly south
The world the neighbors will scream from their mouth
We all will cry for the young girls slain
Out of our heart our shame and our own pain

Passion's Storm

My heart beating in time with the falling rain
Tides of passion expanding at the appearance of this lunar sphere
All attempts to quell my emotions are efforts in vain
The wind whispers to the world the joy of you and I here
Trees shake off their moist blanket from the brief shower
Ghosts and skeletons from the past finally subdued
As atmosphere free for love to spring to vault to flower
As our thoughts exposed our souls vulnerable and nude
Night is pregnant with faint hearts and blossoming eyes
Our arms full of the shapes and colors of love
The stars smile far away in dark poetic skies
And clouds act as curtains from above
Crickets and frogs compose a symphony for our dance
The scent of a fresh rain a baptized world fills the air
The soils of our flesh are fertile for romance
Our time together an answer to yesterday’s prayers
Paradise found in the warmth of your arms hold
Peace discovered in the taste of your kiss
Shy thoughts desires now arise confident and bold
My heart has found the source of bliss
The soft words gentle touches are kindling on the fire
Sparks of dreams swim in the moon beams
Every cell aches with boundless desire
As the night expands the shores of love streams
Each breath only fuels the raging fire
These paths of beauty we try to trace
The baths of charms like vats of gold
What pleasures we find in the curves of our face
What treasure our senses now behold

She Rescues Me

City lights cast a faint shadow on my clocks
But their illumination is emitted in vain
For my flowers reside deep inside this box
And are covered in a shroud of pain
The streets offer some console to my head
For they present a predestined path to roam
Floating on the things she did words she said
Telling my soul it has finally found its home
The dark clouds are lifted from my eyes
My wings are united my thoughts can flow
Her touch puts rainbows in my skies
And given my heart a peace it has come to know

Paradise Found In You

Dreams of her make my mind stand still and stare
For many beauties I have seen but none are as fair
The delicious delightful emotions once again appears
Burying the moisture of long forgotten fears
Thoughts of her smile send joy through my veins
For the sun is bright yet only she can warm my brain
The dancing laughter the tender sweet kiss
Casts all fear away and fills my heart with such bliss
Echoes of her voice touch the shores of my soul
Causing them to expand and loose control
Lost in the deepness of her charming eyes
Is the path to peace the promise of paradise

Love Loves But Loves Not Me

There are no threads of justice no gifts of glee
For love loves but loves not me
A cycle of words a circle of hurt
A layer of dead seeds planted in my earth
A drop of rain in the parched desert
A spark in the raging hearth
There are no presents of peace no gentle melody
For love loves but loves not me
A dying leaf in the great forest
A ray of sun as it fades in the west
A silent beach inviting the waves as a guest
A flying cloud incited to mourn for a rest
There are no cuffs of cotton no feelings to free
For love loves but loves not me
A chord in the symphony the world’s song
A lessoned etched in the hearts of right and wrong
A blade of grass on the fields of a valley’s throng
There are no shards of truth no hugs from reality
For love loves but loves not me

Monday, January 21, 2008

Everything Is Not As It Seems

When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothin’ to say
When my knees don’t bow don’t mean I don’t know how to pray
When my eyes is closed don’t mean I’m asleep
When my language is black don’t mean I can’t get deep
When my wallet is empty don’t mean that I’m poor
When my wings are hidden don’t mean I can’t soar
When my heart is silent don’t mean that I’m dead
When my feet are still don’t mean I’m afraid
When my mind is confused don’t mean I don’t know the way
When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothing to say
When my brain can’t calculate don’t mean I don’t know math
When my hands are peaceful don’t mean they can’t impose wrath
When my ears are covered done mean that I can’t hear
When my soul shivers don’t mean I’m distraught with fear
When my world is black and white don’t mean I can’t see hues
When my will is worn don’t mean that I can be abused
When my mind focuses on tomorrow don’t mean I forgot yesterday
When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothin’ to say

A Sister's Prophecy

Never wanted to be like my sister
All alone no one around with her
So I held onto friends so very tight
Would call so often daily try to write
Now all of them have gone their own way
I am now all alone I’m afraid
Molding myself to fit into their universe
Now it’s me that is avoided like a curse
Altering my mind to be just like them
In order to be a puzzle pieces to keep them as friends
Wearing their fashions attending the same sanctuary
Studying the same classes an actuary
Never wanted to be like my sister
But seems I have turned out just like her

Within Men

What dark caves live in the hearts of men?
Their hidden fears of painful chapters of sin
The violent rivers whisper in deep currents
Etching the shores of crimes that torment
These echoes that scrape at the edge of each nerve
Haunts their dreams locks them in a prison they don’t deserve
What dark clouds fly in the souls of men?
Their secrets or dark alleys that have become kin
The evil drops that reign from their skies
Saturating their minds with legends of lies
The thunder fills their world deafens their ears
Cries out through their or even our tears
What dark wells flow in the minds of men?
Their raped past or disguised dens
The demons that govern their feet and hands
Puppets of shadows that no one else understands
The strings attached to their heart and soul
Sacrifices their will and yields all control
What dark forests grow in the hearts of men?
Their limbs home to satan and his friends
The roots grow deep and are fed by vile nutrients
Spreading seeds of pain and harboring hateful inhabitants
The leaves leave abstract shadows on the forest floor
Covering smothering fertile soil with evil to the core

The King's Cards

The clouds reign for the heart of a king
Leaving a layer of sweated tears on everything
The subjects bow at the desires of his whim
Each flower a blossom of hope on each limb
Oceans ache for the clubs of a king
Of wars fought and lives taken each wave sings
The shores change their shape with each ebb and tide
But the winds whisper to the tears cried
The fire burns for the diamonds of a king
Riches in the mind give the soul wings
Each sparkle a brilliant light to each facet
Yet the ghosts that haunt are sealed in a dark casket
The earth cries out for the spades of a king
To dig and bury the pride and dreams he brings
Each ounce of dirt or handful of moist sand
A welcomed bed of hope tilled by calloused hands

Conversation of Eyes

The world lay behind her eyes
Where joy peace and love reside
Her flesh her shape a hidden mystery
Yet her eyes became the world to me
Wide and brown smiling yet crying at the same time
Their beauty their ambiguity still echoes in my mind
Their delightful song did not force me to redefine
Nor did it order my soul to make her eyes my shrine
There were no words no touch to communicate
Yet we spoke for hours tempting fate
My heart was captured my emotions her nervous guest
My mind the weary invader from the far west
Her pulse her blink that matched the timing of my breath
Was unsure if she desired me or hoped for my death
Could no see the hidden expressions that were on her face
My thoughts naked my blushes open to her gaze
Covered hands could not determine if she was rich or poor
Yet just her eyes made my fantasies soar
Did not know if she was married or free
Or if she could speak my language easily
My eyes tried to say all that I felt inside
She just stared, winked and took my soul for a ride

The Dancer

She says that she loves the art of dance
So daily she waltzes through my heart with romance
The trees do their tango with the autumn wind
Blowing thoughts of her through my soul my mind
So many rhythms and dances separate our hands
Yet daily through the air we tango in our native lands
Still I can hear the melody you breathed into my ears
A sweet song the diminishes all worldly cares and fears
Still the taste of your kiss lingers on my lips
Succulent pleasure with every stolen sip
Still the sensation of your fingers on my brow
Touches virgin spots in my soul even until now
My emotions are a soaked rag that I twist
An addict to her the moment we first kissed
And an anxious starving tongue to dine
On the fascinating heart and mind
This feast that both flesh and spirit delight
Fills my world with joy both day and night
Still I can see her shadow on my bed
Such fantasies still swim in my head
Still her scent lingers on my sheets
Invigorating my body from my head to my feet
Still the impression she left is engraved on my brain
And the love we shared rushes through my veins.

These Stormy Seasons

Dark clouds invade my peaceful sky
From mountains on the horizon
Confusing the signature of time
You stand before me realizing
The air is thick as thieves
And pregnant clouds and wells of tears
The rain starts from your eyes I believe
Can’t determine which are the clouds or yours
They join and form a river at your feet
I am at a lost the rhyme or reason
But my soul refuses to retreat
Though it may be the rainy season
Steam fills the closed locked room
From the heat birthed from the shower
And you stand before me like a gentle flower
The air so think I can hardly breathe
And the moisture sticks to my pores
Sweat forms on your cheek I believe
But I can’t determine if it is from the air or is yours
The drops join and are washed down the drain
I am at a lost to the rhyme or reason
But my heart tries to comfort your pain
Through these stormy seasons