About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me Without You

The sun without the sky
The sea without a shore
The hurricane without an eye
The earth without a core
The rose without a bud
The forest without a tree
The world without love
You without me
The music without a sound
The wind without air
The soil without ground
Me without you here
The river without a bend
The mountain without a peak
The novel without an end
You without me
The beach without sand
The ocean without the blue
The song without a band
Me without you
The summer without the sun
The lake without moisture
The warrior without a gun
The home without structure
The circle without a curve
The religion without a prayer
The leader without a nerve
You without me there
The pencil without the lead
The grass without dew
The quilt without a thread
Me without you

Prodigal 1

My soul stained by the red sweet wine
Time an echo on the borders of my past
Tracing the path the wrath of fellow swine
Yet a yearning in my heart darkness is cast
The river flowed and took my mind to the sky
Blurred reality numbed the aching in my brain
Air pungent with the vile smells of the sty
And the alcohol seeping through my thinned veins
A woman’s wink lured me far from my beliefs
Her arms a source of such pleasure yet such woe
Her kisses saturated my will but brought waves of grief
She wore a mask to confuse my heart to discern friend from foe
The hole in my pockets the voids in my heart
Have caused me to lose untold riches and all I treasured
What I thought was fun was actually tearing me apart
I sacrificed my all for brief spirits of pleasure

Petrified Trees

Alone I walk as the leaves whisper underneath soulful feet
Petrified trees lean into each other impelled by the wind’s breath
My sullen soul shivers and contemplates a disdainful retreat
Surrounded by nakedness and the impaling hands of death
Alone my heart shutters to thoughts that invade my borders
Petrified trees dream of buds and the future seasons of fruit
My timorous spirit utters my dreams to reinforce the orders
Sustained by the rhythm of the fallen leaves and the beating roots
Alone my eyes look for the signs of hope the evidence of sight
Petrified trees hide in their hibernation offering no sap
My battered mind finds their bark as dangerous as their bite
Running and standing as fear and courage warily overlap
Alone I walk my ears can only hear the rustle of leaves and my pulse
Petrified trees murmur about the vision of this tumor
My frayed heart swaying with the branches on impulse
Enveloped by the echoes of silence and the wounds of rumors

Lovers Now and Forever

If you were all the waters of the lakes and seas
I will be the air breathing on your surface with a breeze
Waves will form and caress the edges of heaven’s shore
And we will be lovers now and forever more
You will dance and develop troughs and peaks
Your ebb and tide will rush and retreat as gravity speaks
I will inhale your moisture and birth clouds white and gray
I will give you my ears as I rain to caress words you say
If you were all the clear waters of rivers and streams
I will be the wind that massages your secret dreams
The current will travel both slow and so strong
And we will be lovers now and forever long
You will meander through hill and valley
You will carve and flood roaming so free
I will trace the ripples and waterfalls as you flow
I will touch your borders so my love you will always know

The Bliss

I wanna read poetry to you until your ears are wet
Until they form a fresh spring that make your soul sweat
The passion of a hurricane you can taste on my lips
Torrents of words that caress the gentle curve of your hips
Winds of my breath dancing across the surface of your skin
Waves of ecstasy erupting in the volcanoes deep within
I wanna hold you so tight you leave an impression on my bones
To explore spots that make you laugh make you breathe deep make you moan
The music of the swimming clouds in time with our heart beat
Rhythms that fill you from you head to your feet
Trees shake and sway releasing bushels of fresh sweet fruit
The bliss saturates every limb down to the anchoring roots
I wanna kiss your mind until you taste the desire I feel
Make love to you until you know the borders of my will
Each drop saturating a grain of sand forever more
Each drop gifting your wings to lift and soar
The dance of my hands massages the limits of your flesh
We melt as one move as one in perfect bliss