About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Everything Is Not As It Seems

When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothin’ to say
When my knees don’t bow don’t mean I don’t know how to pray
When my eyes is closed don’t mean I’m asleep
When my language is black don’t mean I can’t get deep
When my wallet is empty don’t mean that I’m poor
When my wings are hidden don’t mean I can’t soar
When my heart is silent don’t mean that I’m dead
When my feet are still don’t mean I’m afraid
When my mind is confused don’t mean I don’t know the way
When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothing to say
When my brain can’t calculate don’t mean I don’t know math
When my hands are peaceful don’t mean they can’t impose wrath
When my ears are covered done mean that I can’t hear
When my soul shivers don’t mean I’m distraught with fear
When my world is black and white don’t mean I can’t see hues
When my will is worn don’t mean that I can be abused
When my mind focuses on tomorrow don’t mean I forgot yesterday
When my mouth is closed don’t mean I ain’t got nothin’ to say

A Sister's Prophecy

Never wanted to be like my sister
All alone no one around with her
So I held onto friends so very tight
Would call so often daily try to write
Now all of them have gone their own way
I am now all alone I’m afraid
Molding myself to fit into their universe
Now it’s me that is avoided like a curse
Altering my mind to be just like them
In order to be a puzzle pieces to keep them as friends
Wearing their fashions attending the same sanctuary
Studying the same classes an actuary
Never wanted to be like my sister
But seems I have turned out just like her

Within Men

What dark caves live in the hearts of men?
Their hidden fears of painful chapters of sin
The violent rivers whisper in deep currents
Etching the shores of crimes that torment
These echoes that scrape at the edge of each nerve
Haunts their dreams locks them in a prison they don’t deserve
What dark clouds fly in the souls of men?
Their secrets or dark alleys that have become kin
The evil drops that reign from their skies
Saturating their minds with legends of lies
The thunder fills their world deafens their ears
Cries out through their or even our tears
What dark wells flow in the minds of men?
Their raped past or disguised dens
The demons that govern their feet and hands
Puppets of shadows that no one else understands
The strings attached to their heart and soul
Sacrifices their will and yields all control
What dark forests grow in the hearts of men?
Their limbs home to satan and his friends
The roots grow deep and are fed by vile nutrients
Spreading seeds of pain and harboring hateful inhabitants
The leaves leave abstract shadows on the forest floor
Covering smothering fertile soil with evil to the core

The King's Cards

The clouds reign for the heart of a king
Leaving a layer of sweated tears on everything
The subjects bow at the desires of his whim
Each flower a blossom of hope on each limb
Oceans ache for the clubs of a king
Of wars fought and lives taken each wave sings
The shores change their shape with each ebb and tide
But the winds whisper to the tears cried
The fire burns for the diamonds of a king
Riches in the mind give the soul wings
Each sparkle a brilliant light to each facet
Yet the ghosts that haunt are sealed in a dark casket
The earth cries out for the spades of a king
To dig and bury the pride and dreams he brings
Each ounce of dirt or handful of moist sand
A welcomed bed of hope tilled by calloused hands

Conversation of Eyes

The world lay behind her eyes
Where joy peace and love reside
Her flesh her shape a hidden mystery
Yet her eyes became the world to me
Wide and brown smiling yet crying at the same time
Their beauty their ambiguity still echoes in my mind
Their delightful song did not force me to redefine
Nor did it order my soul to make her eyes my shrine
There were no words no touch to communicate
Yet we spoke for hours tempting fate
My heart was captured my emotions her nervous guest
My mind the weary invader from the far west
Her pulse her blink that matched the timing of my breath
Was unsure if she desired me or hoped for my death
Could no see the hidden expressions that were on her face
My thoughts naked my blushes open to her gaze
Covered hands could not determine if she was rich or poor
Yet just her eyes made my fantasies soar
Did not know if she was married or free
Or if she could speak my language easily
My eyes tried to say all that I felt inside
She just stared, winked and took my soul for a ride

The Dancer

She says that she loves the art of dance
So daily she waltzes through my heart with romance
The trees do their tango with the autumn wind
Blowing thoughts of her through my soul my mind
So many rhythms and dances separate our hands
Yet daily through the air we tango in our native lands
Still I can hear the melody you breathed into my ears
A sweet song the diminishes all worldly cares and fears
Still the taste of your kiss lingers on my lips
Succulent pleasure with every stolen sip
Still the sensation of your fingers on my brow
Touches virgin spots in my soul even until now
My emotions are a soaked rag that I twist
An addict to her the moment we first kissed
And an anxious starving tongue to dine
On the fascinating heart and mind
This feast that both flesh and spirit delight
Fills my world with joy both day and night
Still I can see her shadow on my bed
Such fantasies still swim in my head
Still her scent lingers on my sheets
Invigorating my body from my head to my feet
Still the impression she left is engraved on my brain
And the love we shared rushes through my veins.

These Stormy Seasons

Dark clouds invade my peaceful sky
From mountains on the horizon
Confusing the signature of time
You stand before me realizing
The air is thick as thieves
And pregnant clouds and wells of tears
The rain starts from your eyes I believe
Can’t determine which are the clouds or yours
They join and form a river at your feet
I am at a lost the rhyme or reason
But my soul refuses to retreat
Though it may be the rainy season
Steam fills the closed locked room
From the heat birthed from the shower
And you stand before me like a gentle flower
The air so think I can hardly breathe
And the moisture sticks to my pores
Sweat forms on your cheek I believe
But I can’t determine if it is from the air or is yours
The drops join and are washed down the drain
I am at a lost to the rhyme or reason
But my heart tries to comfort your pain
Through these stormy seasons

The Haunting Distance

I can fill the distance between us
With dreams and hopes for tomorrow
The sunset spurns peace and lust
To fill the voids of loneliness and sorrow
I can feel your thoughts from afar
Weary hands holding onto fragile threads
Hearts wishing on a falling star
Wish we were with each other instead
I stare from the mountain peak
Over lonely valleys and dark mysteries
Listening to the trees gently sway and speak
But none whisper what will bring you to me
I change colors with the dying fall leaves
Looking across the beckoning waves of the seas
Watching the quilt of life that time weaves
But the blanket cannot warm the core of me
I can fill the spaces you were once in
With writings and art from yesterday
The sunrise highlights steps where we’ve been
To fill the chasms of trails and highways
I can feel your hurts from here
Weary soul seeking peaceful rest
Hearts looking back over the years
Traveling the world’s south to north and east to west

I Am Not Sure Why

The weight for you was too heavy for my time
You fill my soul though I am not sure why
These touches plunge me into enchantment
Your charm conquers my fortified encampments
The toll that my heart must pay to be by your side
Bankrupts my veins though I am not sure why
These kisses surround me with enjoyment
Your thoughts infiltrate my solitary confinement
Visions of your eyes break into my midnight sleep
Hypnotizing my emotions to jump and leap
Yet your laughter still makes my soul sigh
You hold my heart hostage though I am not sure why
Songs that the sky sings remind me of your voice
The gentle breezes make me want to hold you close
Your smile tempts me to lay down the hill of pride
My fences fall with your melody though I am not sure why

This Must Be Love

This feeling got me breathing in a brand new beat
This rhythm travels from my soul to the soles of my feet
People say I got a new bounce to my walk
A certain joy communicated when I talk
More often find myself layin’ in the park counting the clouds above
My mind cannot concentrate, this must be love
Senses working overtime to capture every hour
This vacuum to replicate this delicate flower
People say I got a glow on my face
A way of brightening up any dark place
The sun no longer seems as bright as it once was
When I think of your smile, this must be love
When I sleep the characters the colors in my dreams have changed
My priorities my plans all have been rearranged
People say that chase the sound of my phone when it rings
Hoping she is on the other end of signal sings
My conscious alive my senses all a buzz
Everywhere I see you, this must be love

Must Be

Must be dyslexic cause I get my feelings backwards
Must be anorexic cause I eat your words then throw them out
Must be diabetic cause its danger to be near your heart
Must be anaclitic cause I still don’t know what love’s about


Love is a verb
You just use it as a word
To get what you want
Love is a noun
You just use it like a crown
That you flaunt
Some say falling in love is old fashion
Some lost charm void of sincerity or passion
Love is a verb
Not just a stone by the curb
That you do not know
Love is a noun
That is a stranger in your town
That you force to go
Some say falling in love is overrated
Some treasures whose value has faded
Love is a verb
You just smoke it like a herb
To get your soul high
Love is a noun
You just like to dance to the sound
When the mood is right

My Queen

From the shape of her tears
To the fruitfulness of years
From the pureness of her smile
To the originality of her style
Her voice echoes in my mind’s sky
Her beauty is forever before my eyes
Her scent saturates my nose
Her thoughts are seedlings in me that grow
From the silkiness of her hair
To the words that fill the air
From the thoughts that she births
To the fertile soil which is her earth
Her touch is a source of peace
Her whisper gifts sweet release
Her charm fills the corner of my dreams
Her humor makes my sides burst their seams
From yesterdays’ dark shadows
To the hopes of her tomorrows
From the corners of the sky above
To the limitless of her love

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mothers and Sons

Close to Blood River on the rocks of its tender shores
Mothers and sons hold each other as their tears pour
The mounds will be adorned with bright dying flowers
But memories will echo in their mind past the hours
The elite will scream in the name of peace and freedom
Although behind their delicate mask they will confess who won
Heroes will sing their victory song over the lost and dead
Yet the ones they saved still will starve for water and bread
In unknown tongues they will chant as in times past
But the glory that rolls from parched throats will never last
Judges and juries will pass sentence on the war crimes
Even though jailed the poor will be captive without a dime
Bombs continue to seek the innocent in the dead of night
Ambassadors and chancellors will respond to the ambivalent invites
Planes will target while tanks bravely stand guard
Borders in minds will be raped as hearts grow hard
When they look into the mirror in this destroyed place
Will they see the different hearts but still one face?
Lives traded for pride death bought with land
Children once played now lay in dunes of sand
Bombs the only gift to grant freedom
Both too pride full and stubborn to yield
Even with the brothers and mothers killed
Both paying a bill that neither can really afford
Though both pray to the same yet different lords
Like the tears the retreating army may run
But not before the heartless sacrifice of mothers and sons

Re-tuning My Heart

My heart is out of tune
The gently song of the stars and moon
Hitting such vile loud chords
Makes the soothing melody so awkward
Can’t seem to hit the right notes
Misspoken words untrue quotes
My heart is out of tune
Causing fights when it should swoon
Hitting such horrid chords
Changes the shapes of my words
Can’t get the coordination or hear
The message I am saying is not clear
My heart is out of tune
Pray this condition ends soon
Hitting such bad chords
Thankful for a gracious Lord
Yet my heart just wanted to run
Cover my ears and let my mouth be dumb
My heart is out of tune
Like a snowball in the month of June
Hitting such crazy chords
Like the clashing of sharp swords
Hope my soul will see the light
So my heart can finally get it right

Little More Or A Little Less

Little life and a pinch of death
For a little more or a little less
No sense in worrying or fretting
Spending time fearing or forgetting
No sense asking who or why
Living life only to die
No sense in stressing contemplating death
For a little more or a little less
No sense forfeiting yesterday’s visions
Giving in to faulty reasons
No sense in committing creative suicide
Offering life for what has already died
No sense in trading life for death
For a little more or a little less
No sense in painting your world red
Giving less honor to the unborn than the dead
No sense in searching for the reasons why
Living shallow days only to one day die

Could This Be Love?

When we met it was a surprise
For my anticipation did not expect such beauty before my eyes
The room so full of many beautiful pleasant girls
But I could only see you, in that room you were my world
Hearing your voice and inhaling your laughter
Still fills my heart with joy 24 hours after
Feeling your touch and the soft smoothness of your skin
Takes me to places in pleasure I have never been
Tasting your kiss changes the perception of my taste buds
Exploding bliss within my mind could this be love?
When we met it was unexpected that I would find
Beauty and grace that now fills the corners of my mind
You now fill my dreams with visions of yesterday and tomorrows
But because we are apart gives me such a well of sorrows
Yet your touches are etched forever on the walls of my heart
Your kisses tattooed on my mind from the very start
Seeing you eat and drink a site that brings a smile to my face
Feeling that cannot be faked disguised or replaced
Now your beauty will adorn my skies above
Ravishing joy within my heart could this be love?
When we met it was the perfect puzzle piece for that night
All that was barren became fruitful all that was dark was made light
The music was pleasant and the discussions were loud too
But the only sound I heard was words and laughter from you
Seeing your smile brought such beauty to my eyes
Still the vision fills my mind and covers my skies
Transports me to places never been before
Yet no fear there is such peace and joy galore
The beauty the grace I could never get enough of
Such tranquility in my soul could this be love?

Now That You Are Gone

After you left the sun never returned to my sky
Gray heavens filled my every day
The seas all receded and died
Only rain on the day you went away
The full moon now hid by black clouds
Flowers wilted and frozen brown
My world covered in a dark shroud
Freezing rain attacks ounce fertile ground
The trees have sacrificed all their leafs
Fruit is now rotting on the soil
Birds silenced by the deafening breeze
There is an earthquake in my soul
The sky can no longer be the canvas for the sunset
Rainbows have been condemned to their grave
Such visions my mind forced to forget
Yet some memories have to be saved
After you left the forest became deserts
Once lush and green now forbidden and barren
My world only offers pains and hurts
What pains me more is I am the only one caring


Oh little angel from the far reaches of heaven above
You shine on my warmth from your joy your love
Such sweet music dancing in between my aching ears
Calms all worries soothes all my deadening fears
There was no deed or conquest completed due this reward
Only the grace and mercy from a loving Lord
Oh little angel you bring gifts of such peace
You touch my soul and give it sweet release
Inspires my will and massages my waking mind
Such colorful and balanced designs
There was no innocent or perfection deep within
Only the love to help combat these waves of sin
Oh little angel you are perfect in your words your timing
You sing to me and recite eloquent rhyming
Such sweet fragrance you introduced into my world
Eases these concrete days and planes that are unfurled
There was no price that was paid or value can be placed
Only the rainbow of promises and sins erased

Altered Winds

The wind changes direction and turns to ignore us
But the only enemies we have are those right before us
It is a clever ploy a brilliant disguise
We perform in from one another’s eyes
My glasses fog very much like my numbed brain
You say my words are the elements that keep you sane
But I believe my phrases are lonely the straps to your straight jacket
Just as your touch keeps my soul from making a racket
Your voice calms my weary seas but drowns my thoughts
Just as my scent covers your stench but still comes to naught
The ground shivers beneath our feet shaking our will
Determining which enemy will live and which will be killed
Both blind but knowing of the masks we wear
Sensitive to the weapons and weaknesses we share
Your contacts change your deep brown eyes to blue
A look I have never seen a facet I never knew
Yet I believe my visions have framed you into a nun
Just as my cross shields me from the evil I have done
Onlookers would swear we are two people in love
Yet the wind changes direction the earth quakes from what we think of


Her words are distorted not necessarily lies
Her touch was deceptive but still hypnotized
She was a faux not a foe
Hard to free but easy to get to know
Her movement was like a silhouette yet so real
Her scent was sweet but my senses they kill
Not a friend and not an enemy
Know her soul yet cannot set it free
Her eyes were hazel contacts not sure what their true color was
Her affection was so genuine but it was not love
Not an acquaintance but far from a friend
The flames that burn like ice just won’t end
Her true identity was hidden for from detection
Her reality was the wick to my defection
Not a whore my flesh to gratify
Not a sorcerer my soul to mystify
Her kisses were not contracts her presents were not a promise
Yet every moment with her was unbridled bliss

Healing Waters and Winds

The shores whisper of eternity
The receding waves echo deep inside of me
Sweet smell of the fresh breeze
These sands have been here seconds and centuries
Time means nothing to these ripples and peaks
They do not discern the hours or the weeks
Years will pass and these shores still remain
Maybe larger or smaller but basically the same
The endless cycle of the rolling ebb and tide
Heals my heart and the visions deep inside

The Crowded Night

The clouds were pregnant yet the moon was full
Ocean waves whispered to the ripples in the pool
The air was heavy the sounds echoed with might
But my soul was empty here on this crowded night
Thoughts so deep that my chest cannot inhale
Visions so clear but my eyes start to fail
There are explosions in my veins as if my mind was asleep
The dreams of yesterday trickle down to my feet
Trees wave their limbs touching their tender leaves
Raindrops fly as the evening sky begins to grieve
The water soaks my pride then my plight
But my soul is so dry here on this crowded night
The birds sing during the drizzle the thunder shatters the air
Beats of the rain in chorus with the frog’s blare
Dreams so oblique my ears have gone deaf
Darkness all around that all sensibility has left
There are no shapes to discern no colors to see
The songs ring deep in my heart’s melody
The sounds ebb and flow to the rhythm of the night
But my soul is so quiet here on this crowded silent night

The Shadows of Alone

The meal is bland the room is bare it’s so hard to eat
Hours preparing yet my tongue can’t perceive taste with the empty seat
Once the room was so full of love so full of joy
Now time only echoes a desperate ploy
Even the walls hold shadows of yesteryear
When we stared into one another’s eyes right here
The loneliness extends from my scalp to the soles of my feet
Here trying not to become depressed staring at this empty seat
Even the vilest of meals were a wonderful delicacy
When the empty seat was full of you and you were across from me
Even when there was no food and even no wine
It filled my soul just having you to dine
The darkness and into memories my heart retreats
So I cannot even view or fell this empty seat
But instead reflect on the meals spent by candlelight
Giving my soul my heart wings to take flight


Oh can I see the brightness of your smile
Or the gracefulness of your style?
Oh can I feel the warmth of your touch
Or the fullness of your love?
Oh can I hear the peace of your voice
Or the completeness of your joys?
Oh can I smell the sweet aroma of your scent
Or the beauty that is heaven sent?
Oh can I feel the softness of your hands
Or the peace that soothes even these desert sands?
Oh can I see the sunshine of your eyes
Or the wisdom that spans the miles?
Oh can I know the gentleness of your heart
Or the source that causes fantasies to start?
Oh can I hear your melodic symphony
Or the taste the lips that are so sweet?

That First (Last) Date

I told her I was in love with her
And that I always want her there
But I knew she wouldn’t call
I knew she didn’t care
Tears can’t wash away the memory
But the rivers continue anyway in me
I paid for the wind and for the dinner
In thoughts of impressing to win her
But I knew goodnight was goodbye
I knew her emotions I could not vie
My hope dashed against the path to her door
Knowing that I would see her no more
I told her I was in love with her
And that I always want her there
But I knew she wouldn’t call
I knew she didn’t care

The Best Laid Plans

These best laid plans by this average man
Not on paper but written in blood, pencil and ink
These dreams and goals that only I can understand
Are a map of who I am and what I think
My feet must stay on the path to avoid complacency’s wrath
Time must be cherished and used to the fullest
My mind must be alert to calculate and do the math
And avoid the mundane the wasteful the foolish
These best laid plans to get to where X marks the spot
A journey over both land and sea
To obtain the treasures the riches sought
That is well hidden deep within me
My heart must be strong to weather the storm
Words will be daggers to threaten my progress
My soul must be firm to avoid the temptation of being the norm
And these best laid plans must never rest

Messenger Of Hope

She sat in a corner ashamed of her humble countenance
Succumbing to the shadows that vale unseen power
But the flash of light offers a glimpse a glance
Of the beauty she beheld like a rare precious flower
The music filled the atmosphere with such kind grace
Even clouds began to dance in the evening sky
Yet her laughter was the most melodic sound in the place
That amused the stars and caught the moon’s eye
The summer breeze tickled her hair with each breath
Even roses began to undress the lilacs became nude
Life from seeds was rebirth from a land of death
While she peaked behind her hands in her safe solitude
She sat next to a tree camouflaged by the flowing leaves
Hiding from prying eyes and hands looking for a date
Yet in the borders of her heart she groans and grieves
For love and peace appear to be so desolate
Such torture to watch lovers dancing in the moonlight
Like a sinner forced to face a priest or pope
But her heart bids for her to stay this night
The gentle evening offers a messenger of hope

In the Valley

Morning slips into day fearful of folly
Clouds echo the colors to comfort the melancholy
The trees outstretched their shield of leaves to cover
The dreams of both warrior and lover
Flowers open beneath the subtle shade
For whispering where couples once laid
The wind runs with such strength and ease
Massaging the earth with such soothing peace
All bow to appearance the play now begun
The glorious return of the prodigal sun
A fatted calf a joyous celebration a decorated hill
Honor the coming day with such excitement and thrills

Rain Down On Me

My mind is bankrupt my emotions so in debt
You say you will give me a penny for my thoughts
My fields are bone dry you offer your clouds wet
And sweet cool breezes from your sacred vault
My flesh is dying far past the years of its prime
Your touch ignites fires forgotten so long ago
My rivers are still and stagnant from the dams of time
And you promise currents that will force the shore to let go
My soul is wrapped tightly in a bulletproof vest
You offer shields to protect from the dark’s arrows
My soil is overworked you speak words of rest
And order peace for the mission of my tomorrows
My ears are deaf from the vile boisterous sounds
You whisper a sweet melody
My dreams are lost you say they can once again be found
And offer a treasure map to me for free

Pride Divides

Where do our emotions falter so weak and so frail?
Thirsty for the wine in this unspoken holy grail
Seeking the treasures lost in our vows of silence
Missing the signs and signals of our blind complacence
Why do our words cast so shallow from this shore?
Hungry for the fish that swim through our soul’s core
Wishing for the release from yesterday’s debt
Forsaking the paths and promises vowed to forget
How do our thoughts war against the breeze?
Desires brought to crawl on its wounded knees
Looking for the cool springs to feed our ground
Sealing our fate by not offering any sound
Who will raise the white flag and surrender their will
Pride a mountain that neither of us wishes to kill
Taking the seasons for granted the wounds for spite
Feeling the need to torture our emotion to crucify

In the Company of Whispers and Vespers

Whispers fade into the darkness of night
Their words are sharp and far from innocent
Their echoes bait for those with souls to bite
Vespers that offer borders to fill or vent
The breeze swells and the sky makes no noise
Our breath expands and fills atmospheres
Hours pass yet there are no paths to propose
Though the light reveals our fears
Cycle of the earth cause our thoughts to roam
Seas bring waves carrying phrases from miles away
The emotions lost and cannot find a place to call home
Sickles though too far to cut weeds that choke our day
The roots of yesterday’s dreams feed fierce foes
For our love has no fertile soil to give
Four directions our love swiftly flows
Though each has lost the will to live
Whispers reverberate against the walls we constructed
Here where our love innocently began
Here the vile songs that remains unobstructed
Vespers that condemn and don’t dissipate but remain

Love Unrequited

If love be kind if love be gentle and true
Then why is love only a ghost
Why cannot she be in love with me too?
If love be warm if love be fair and sweet
Then why is love such a mean host
Why cannot our souls meet?
If love be joyful if love be unbound
Then why is love full of scorn?
Why cannot we dance to love’s gentle sound?
If love be desirable if love be free
Then why is it love cannot be born
Why cannot the one I love, love me?

My Vow

Pledge your heart to me with your eyes
And I will vow to you my soul
Let our solitude be our paradise
And let love take total control
Let your shadows by my light
And I will bask until evening comes
Let your breath be my night
And I will be your moon and sun
Promise me your lips for me to kiss
And I will share words from my heart
Let our world be wrapped in bliss
And let love spring from the start
Let our emotions sway in the breeze
And I will dance to every beat
Let your fragrance be the gentle melodies
And I will vow never to retreat


Your love is far too precious for me to possess
And like the ocean to deep to fathom
Your kiss is too sweet my soul must confess
And my soul cannot cross fear’s chasm
How can I express the breadth of emotions felt?
My soul is not worthy of such gentle grace
How can my heart be stone and with your touch melt?
My eyes cannot comprehend the beauty of your face
Your touch is much too blissful not to ignite desire
And like the sky without limits and borders
Your words so intense can set rivers on fire
And my flesh kneels and follows your orders
Hypnotized by your eyes my life becomes clay
I can only listen to your aura and humbly obey

Breakfast On Pluto

We can either stay laying here or you know
Have our continental breakfast over on Pluto
Yeah just watch all the other planets dancin’ in the sky
See the galaxy of stars shining in your eye
Let the earth continue on its path while in each other’s arms
Or watch the 7 moons fill the atmosphere with their charm
Kiss during the morning breeze in our secluded paradise
Lost in each other’s soul during the wonderful sunrise
I will drink from the river of sweat that’s on your back
Tasting your ear lobe down to your anxious neck
Let’s stay here and study our faces glow
Have our breakfast right here on Pluto
Yeah just sing to the rhythm of the universe’s heartbeat
Hearing our ecstasy and laughter from tickled feet
Let time pass and our day last for 48 hours
Taste the sweetness that will never grow sour
Study the curvature of your body the contour of your face
Journey to unseen lands not let a second go to waste
I will make a meal of your fingers a feast of your lips
I will lick the nape of your neck and gently kiss your hips
Let’s stay here counting the constellations that come and go
Yeah have our breakfast right here on Pluto
Our world our shadows so many light years away
The only reality is here on our shores of clay
The echoes the stains cannot touch us here
Future is bright our virgin day fresh and clear
No distractions to our Shangri la to our peace
Every touch every taste every sound a sweet release
I will hold you tight as I savor what you feel
Your words will be my air your pulse will be my meal

Shadows of De-Light

What whimsical games we play here in the midst of the night
Charming each other’s emotions dancing to the shadows of de-light
Our eyes drunk with desire our souls flying in the wind
Our hearts singing like waves our flesh tempted to sin
Your voice hypnotizes the path of my eyes
These fertile soil promise an endless paradise
My touch ignites the wick of your dreams
These springs feed virgin fresh streams
What fanciful pictures we paint here beyond sound and sight
Flowing through each other’s veins warmed by the shadows of de-light
Our fingers tingling with ecstasy our minds pregnant with peace
Our ears warmed like sunshine our thoughts offer sweet release
Your scent fills my lungs and invigorates my senses
The atmosphere consumes my fear and tears down my fences
My words impregnate your trees at its roots
The ground blanketed with fresh succulent fruit
What wonderful rhymes we say here with such confidence and might
Soothing each other’s scars dancing to the shadows of de-light

Apostle of Stolen Dreams

Along this path I met the apostle of stolen dreams
Frightened me to my core and assaulted my soul’s seams
Revealed volumes of visions that echo from my past
So many forgotten or abandoned or to the see were caste
Their memory makes me wonder where all the time disappeared
But in secret passages of my heart their impression was seared
His arms were strong and his eyes were on fire
His expressions were kind and humble even though he owned an empire
He ripped out pages from this book and handed them to me
I read the words and recalled what once was my destiny
He did not speak but I knew that was all he would give
But that is all I could handle to be able to live
He vanished just as swiftly as he mysteriously appeared
Yet now my soul was at peace my heart no longer feared
So these few pages of dreams revived and given their breath
Their vision now alive and brought back from death

In Time

Somewhere in the cycle of time
There will be a vision of your hand in mine
Our souls will fly above the dancing clouds
Our spirits will sing confident and loud
Somewhere in the sphere of time
There will be a blending of our hearts and mind
Your dreams will echo our bliss
Your thoughts will be communed in a kiss
Somewhere in the realm of time
There will be a paradise sweet sublime
My reality will revolve around you
My paths be clear my days be true
Somewhere in the grasps of time
There will be our rhythm our rhyme
Our flesh will burn with intense fire
Our fantasy will be pregnant with desire

On the Wings of Ink

This pen in my hand a drink to my lips
Music blaring in this solitary confinement
Art staring back at my creations
Emotions breaking free of their confinement
Every word in tune with my thoughts
White paper now seasoned with black designs
Phrases in time with my heartbeats
Forming a detailed map on my mind
The outside is galaxies far away
Only companions are the sentences that give birth
This oasis discovered here in solitude
Peace and contentment an invaluable worth
Dirt from yesterday flies off my soul
My sanity my peace regained
Eyes opened heart running free
These emotions now unchained

Sea of Neurosis

The river that fills my sea of neurosis
Gentle currents flow cuddle then kiss
The ripples echo in these deep pools of thought
Feeding fish and plankton and the mounting juggernaut
My soul offers itself as sacrificial bait
But the hunted are too wise to anticipate
So these lofty ideas reach for barren shores
While trying to hold their grasp on my heart’s anchor
Will they dive or die be captured sink or fly?
Will they float or drown be eaten or lie?
This river that fills my sea of neurosis
Tenderly trickles into my arms with such bliss

Black and Blues

So much poison with power
So much hate with hope
So much sweet with sour
So much reason with rope
This rebellion of spirit versus flesh
Drives my soul to dream of death
This reception of feelings and thoughts
Casts light on my shadows of doubt
So much love with lies
So much mire with mirth
So much sin with sighs
So much worry with worth
This exasperation from my core
Makes every cell ache sore
This evocation deafens my ears
Guiding the shadows of my fear

That Day I Saw You

Yesterday I saw you gently planting a seed in the garden
So close to nature so pure and true
Tilling the ground that had hardened
I think it is all you ever desired to do
I saw in your eyes hopes of what you wish to reap
So involved in the process of life
Vowing to the soil promises that you will keep
I think this is what made me want you as my wife
I saw you your hair blowing gently in the wind
So beautiful and heart so true
Tilling my ground as you sat on your knees
I know this in only one beautiful facet of you
I saw you amongst the flowers so fair
So precious like an angel delicate and bright
Vowing to my soul a love that none other could compare
I this is what made me want you for the rest of my life.

Just A Chip Off Of the Block

My father was a working man
Toiling past year seventy and five
Work perhaps the drug keeping him alive
If a man don’t work he should not eat
But also a man needed love and sleep
Yet in every picture he did not look tired
But would shine with twinkling eyes and wide smile
Though I think he was weary and often lonesome
Cause times when he was teary and would drift alone

I am a working man
Trying to carry my cross pull my load
Do the things that were learned and told
If a man don’t work he should not eat
But also a man needs love and peace
I find myself smiling in every photo
Yet the expressions only hide my tired soul
Sometimes I get weary and can’t catch my breath
Cause times I am teary and see my father and it scares me to death


Style without substance
Color without brilliance
She drove my soul to forgiveness the way she was
Her locks encouraged my dreams and images of lust
Beauty without brains
Clouds without rain
She hurt my mind listening to her shallow thoughts
Her maturity masked only by age had come to naught
Grace without contemplation
Structure without foundation
She lit the wick deep in my soul
Her touch made my mind loose all control
Life without mission
Eye sight without vision
She set my flesh eternally on fire
Her will her pleasure became my sole desire

Could Have Been Anyone (but wished it was you)

With the rain and fog it could have been anyone
The shape the hair the style the stride
Or perhaps it was just the elements having fun
Cause I wanted it to be you deep inside
Walked fast as possible through rivers and lakes
Soul soaked with tears that had been forgotten
The shadows that appeared to be you only a fake
My heart betrayed my vision forsaken
With the darkness it could have been anyone in the rain
Wished and hoped that it would have been you
So I could explain my hurt emptiness and pain
But perhaps the next shadow the next figure will be true
Running fast as I could away from the spot I was deceived
Tears vaulting faster than the spring down pour
Bankrupt emotions revolting and thick as thieves
The distress flowing through my veins to my core
With my state it could have been anyone
Dreams of seeing your smile your eyes once again
It perhaps was the pranksters that won
Cause only my tears replace the torrents of rain

Missing You

Writing this poem to you
From the beach’s edge in my cell
Reflecting on how far away you are
How many miles separate it’s so hard to tell
Writing this poem to you
Hanging only by a thread
Here relaxing in a scenic paradise
Wanting to be there with you instead
Writing this poem to you
Watching a tender slim sun set
Here getting my soul rejuvenated
But it’s you I cannot forget
Writing this poem to you
Viewing the vastness of the blue sky
Thinking of the love that I have for you
Wishing you were here by my side

Perpetual Winter

Wish it could stay cold and snow
Spring remain buried in the blanket of winter
Blossoms unborn seeds that won’t know
Bird never to return the warmth not allowed to enter
For you are gone there can be no spring
My heart still barren like the pregnant trees
For you are not here my soul cannot sing
My heart doomed to staying on wounded knees
These icicles that hang from my emotions dripping
But the blood runs cold through my veins
These seams in me slowly ripping
Dried from the touch of baptizing rains
Wish the sky would stay shades of gray
Winter winds chill both man and beast
Rivers remain still and the snow stay
Sunrises invisible to those facing east

Good Morning

Swimming in between the shadows and light
Evening whispers gently sweet peace and good night
Consciousness disappears where darkness burst at the seams
Floating on clouds between sheets in the land of dreams
Time now an oasis made of circles and spheres
Hearing with my eyes and seeing with my ears
A stretch a roll a wink a yawn
With my next breath the pillow swallows me and I am gone
Flying over rivers of forgotten wishes
Dancing in the kitchen with silverware and dishes
Lost in the forest of faces from my past
Standing on a barren beach my shadow is cast
Falling from a cliff far above cloud seven
Drowning in the brilliant light from a warm heaven
Inhaling the sweetness of a blossom on mars
Kissing the gentle fruit of a wilting flower
Found in the valley of your thought
Skipping across seasons of comfort and draught
Running from the monster in door number four
Laughing at the expanding seams in the floor
The phone rings I answer it without opening my eyes
But there is no one on the other end of the line
Wonder if it was all just an occurrence the realm of a dream
Or was it genuinely the phone a real thing
Not knowing the answer fade into the welcoming sheets
Trying to take pause button off to repeat
Rivers are calling to me to join their swift current
Storms are yelling to me to dodge their fierce torrents
Oceans are whispering for me to trace their limits
Mountains are encouraging me to seek their summits
Caves are motioning for me to explore their cavity
Clouds are telling me to join them and defy gravity
But it is only one night and that one is almost over
It will take years to eventually all these stones uncover
The adventures the journeys disrupted by the alarm’s ring
A new day is birthed abruptly once again