About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our conversations are light as a feather
Yet some that leave us on a tether
Such delight to hear her voice waking me
Or her laughter is such source of ecstasy
The subjects of our banter covers every shore
Even when there is silence we communicate more
Sometimes the seriousness of our thoughts so high
It enlightens my soul and expands my sky
Never have I been an open book torn down fences
 Let my guards go on holiday and destroyed self defenses
My secrets are safe in her arms and ears
My soul so at peace there is no pain or fears

Safe and Salve

Your arms offer such a peaceful calming feeling
Your words promise salve for my healing
Your kiss evaporate the tears I sweep
Your heartbeat lullabies my weary mind to sleep
There is a song that is in the air when you’re around
An ecstasy I looked for for so long but never found
Your scent inoculates me with such sweetness
Your touch has become my eternal weakness
Your eyes inspire creativity to grow
Your presence a paradise I always seek to know
There is a warmth when you are at my side
A beauty that can never be denied

Where Lies Paradise

Movement of your mouth makes my will melt
Being here with you feeling feelings never before felt
The words that form on the edge of your lips
Melodies that translate emotions to your hips
The virgin delights swim through my veins
Expanding the limits of my soul the rhythm of my brain
Your sweetness emanates from your spirit’s core
Causing my bliss to rejoice my heart to soar
The caresses that massage my rhythms so true
Here in your arms these sensations celebrate what it never before knew
The gentle touch of your fingers and hands
Makes my being smile and causes my soul to dance
The dreams that come true before my eyes
Provide a treasure map to indicate where paradise lies

Love Beyond Compare

So long I have waited for these moments of bliss
To look into your eyes and taste your tender kiss
Time makes the heart grow fonder yet creates voids
But spaces that only your presence can fill can know
So many sights and wonders now can be shared
An ecstasy that none or nothing can compare
So long I have waited to hold you hand once again
To hold so close my lover my best friend
Distance seems like a dream when we are apart
For we are so far away yet together dances our hearts
So many sounds and delights now we are face to face
A paradise no one or nothing can replace
So long I have waited to hear the melody of your laughter
To become lost in your sweet embrace the morning after
Dreams dill the loneliness when I am away from you
Memories also magnify and expand this love so true
So many joys and thoughts now can be shared
A perfection no one or nothing can compare

Paradise Right Here

I woke this morning in a ray of bliss
Warmed by your presence caressed by your kiss
Your smile warmer and brighter than the sunrise
Beauty and paradise found in your sleepy eyes
Your words like dew form on my heart’s flowers
But will never evaporate but stay infinite hours
Your touch excites the movement of my oceans
Baptizing my spirit in a tsunami of emotions
Peace reigns here in this place yet only a shadow of love
Light and grace surrounds and rains joy from above
Morning presents another tale another beautiful story
A chance to see more of your beauty and unrehearsed glory
Here in the tranquility of blankets and pillows
Here in the ecstasy of your arms love grows
Memories of the foregone night the bliss still lingering in the air
I find the place I have dreamt of right here


Today I laid here and made love to you a thousand times
Each one more passionate more wonderful than the last
Each time an episode of an unending story so precious and divine
Today I made to love to you ever so slow and deep and fast
We explored the shapes and curves and crevices
There was no spot that we did not caress or touch
We discovered spots that put a smile or sigh on our faces
There was no defining the expressions of our love
Today I laid here and kissed you a thousand times
Each one more beautiful more sweet than the one before
Each one set off blissful explosions in my mind
Today I laid here and kissed you until both of our souls soared
We traced the valleys and climbed the gentle hills
There were no limits to our communications to our thrills

The walls still echo of our moans of ecstasy
The air still vibrating such a melodic sound
The blankets and pillows sigh with relief
The mattress relaxing with the peace it has now found
The ceiling still blushing after what it saw
The floor still jealous for the paths we tread
The lampshade decorated with your panties and bra
The pool of sweat reverberating in the bed
The sheets still tangled in a puzzle on the floor
The plants still watered by the raining dew of sweat
The doors shaking from bliss it cannot ignore
The room reminiscing the night it can’t forget