About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Friday, June 18, 2010

As One

Let’s lie here in this peaceful green field,

And slowly take root and grow together.

Reach the heavens bearing fruit to yield,

Sturdy strong and able to storm any weather.

Let’s flow here along this peaceful river,

And slowly be smoothed by the waters motion.

Venture until destiny delivers,

Smooth perfected shapes and emotions.

Let’s fly here in this peaceful sky,

And slowly drift with the breeze.

Float together for a life time,

Freely gliding until the pains cease.

Let’s go here down this peaceful path,

And slowly become molded as one.

Walk cry talk and even laugh,

Joyfully content under the warmth of the sun.

Where Pastures Are Green

My heart has heard my soul has seen,

Far away in the distance where pastures are green.

Where the fresh fruit grows ripe and sweet,

Where clear rivers flow and ample fields of golden wheat.

That the path that my life is on,

Though admittedly take turns that at times are wrong.

Deep in my heart and swelling in my mind,

Greener pastures soon I will find.

Where peace and friends joyfully abound,

Where the atmosphere is full of a beautiful sound.

That is the land my soul desires to dwell,

In paradise instead of a living hell.

My heart has heard my soul has seen,

Just over the horizon where pastures are green.

Where a sweet scent permeates the air,

Where love fills the calm atmosphere.

The sun shines brightly and the rain is gentle,

Rainbows and butterflies make the sky beautiful.

My heart has heard my soul has seen,

Right here where pastures are green.

Thoughts of You

Still mesmerized by the things that were said,

Soul still full from the fresh nutrients it was fed.

A star shining so bright in the sky a million more,

This one glimmered differently grace and beauty galore.

A flower so radiant and sweet fragrance that flew,

This melody that my mind gently danced to.

Fate that we met this time in this place,

Still I feel you know me though we are not face-to-face.

Still dazed by the uncanny similarities,

Mind still confused on how it seems I was talking to me.

A drop in a vast ocean so deep and so wide,

Yet a drop that caused tsunamis to interrupt the tide.

A butterfly so delicate and beautiful unlike any before,

With words and laughter that caused my soul to soar.

No combination my mind let you through my heart’s gate,

Perhaps the smile perhaps the thoughts of a soul mate

Confused Reality

Those words caused a misconception,

They were said merely in affection,

For although they had some affect.

Orbiting ground a nucleus of precepts.

But in your ears was a misperception,

Not a rhyme or reason of false connection,

You wrongly read between the lines.

But the definition were incorrectly defined,

The talk we had the dance on the floor,

Was just that nothing less but nothing more.

To try to entangle me with words is a mistake,

My aim is certainly not to lie or cause your heart to break.

The language used was not to be a deception,

To think I am in love with you is a misconception.

Not that something is wrong with you but it’s wrong with us,

Any love connection will fade into an aura of lust.

Our souls are not as one nor are entwined,

The words rang true but perhaps were eased by wine.

The soft hug or the touch of your hand,

Was only that don’t want you to misunderstand.

Our meeting although fate but was merely a date,

You possibly can be a friend but never a soulmate.

Don’t want your feelings to be hurt or rumors to spread,

Certainly I said what I felt and meant what I said.

Perhaps you will find your lover to set your soul free,

But with assurance I know that person is not me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Midnight Passion

All the world has faded to sleep,

The stars hail the moon’s return.

Emotions become restless from so deep,

As the spark of passions burn.

Your body now wrapped in my arms,

Your heart surrounded by my charms.

A kiss for hands that climb your mountains,

Tasting waves that dance from afar.

Fingers caress the forming fountains,

That drip from your sweating heart.

Feet dance on the sands of your soul’s shore,

Every nerve is awakened by the pleasure.

Fireworks explode in our mind’s skies,

Our silence loses its sense of time.

Bliss overwhelms the strength of our eyes,

As pulses beat in rhythm with love’s rhymes.

Clothes carpet the ground our skin now bare,

Yet no fear or apprehension is here.

My body one with yours a sweet repose,

Ecstasy beyond words that I can sing.

Only the movement of the waves or scent of a rose,

Or the joy and peace a gentle breeze could bring.

There we lay blossoming like fresh flowers,

No mind for the moon’s glare or passing hours.

The Shores of Our Love

Traced my footsteps to the point where my heart fell,

Waves eat my imprints on the saturated sand.

It still is easy to love you but hard to love you well,

Yet where the water takes my paths is hard to understand.

The rising sun glistened like freshly polished gold,

This message in the bottle tells of the story of you and me.

But sometimes the ocean can be so callous and cold,

Revealing that I am only a slave convinced he is free.

Every crest brings faint memories of us,

But like a sand castle that the waters have drowned.

The fine borders that separate the states of hate and love,

Have gently in the sand been written down.

Each crashing wave jumbles the words,

The picture becomes less and less clear.

Phrases like the grains of sand are mixed and stirred,

Yet the past comes and then disappears.


Far beyond the rising mist,

Dance the lips they once kissed,

To tunes my heart never heard,

From the beats stronger than any word.

Hidden deep in the briers,

Over the fence of barbed wire,

Clap the hands that once caressed,

Such a melody that my feet never were blessed.

In the whisper of the summer wind,

Stands the sound my fingers will not touch again,

Fly and float with each breath,

But only I will fall to my death.

Far beyond the realm of dreams,

Her eyes glisten and gleam.

Only darkness surrounds my vision,

Never to see them again a scarce decision.

Time and distance form an impassable chasm,

That heart and mind cannot fathom.

Thoughts of yesteryear vanish in the breeze,

Now only glimpses of faint memories.

Towers of Love and Lust

My heart climbs the tower of Babel to your face,

Your eyes to see you lips to taste.

Dance with your sweet breath’s masquerade,

Dream of the nights where deep love was made.

Though the mirror may confuse my eyes,

My soul will not run or fall surprised.

But will be hypnotized by the melodic sound,

It is too far off the earth to plummet down.

My hands are numb from years of building,

My heart is numb for constantly feeling.

Yet the bruises are far worth more than any treasure,

Seeing you is the nucleus of my pleasure.

And here will my will die and turn to dust,

Blown ashes in the wind of both love and lust.

My flesh climbs this tower of Babel to your breasts,

Their sweet nectar to accompany my rest.

Fly with the warmth of the flaming fire,

Dreams of the days that fueled my desire.

Yet the shadows cannot swallow the sun,

Though my soul is tempted to run.

But will stand firm as the heaven’s hue,

Sitting on the rose petals silent as dew.

My hands are numb anxious for your tender touches,

My heart is numb for living on crutches.

Yet the pain is a sacrifice worthy to pay,

Even if my thoughts are meals for bird of prey.

And here will I die and turn to dust,

Blown ashes in the wind of both love and lust.

Our Mind's Alter

We hold each other tight as the sky blushes,

The blue in our veins heated and rushes.

Hearts aflame as our souls glow,

Two lovers in love and it shows.

Passion bridled by deep seeded devotion,

Respect and trust as constant as the ocean.

Sturdy wills feelings never to falter,

Our sacrifices lay on our mind’s alter.

We hold each other so tight we mold as one,

Brighter than the heaven’s bright sun.

Eyes full of beauty and grace,

The joy and love written on our face.

Ecstasy excites every nerve every cell,

Honor and tenderness so great yet swells.

Sturdy wills feelings never to falter,

Our sacrifices lay on our mind’s alter.

The Black Holes

I traveled far to see the borders of this night,

Now the sun is so far from my sight.

Gone are the brilliant oranges and yellows,

Now only the cool dark blues and gray shadows.

Here I can hide in the black holes,

Never to be seen my dreams now to be exposed

Emotional Mosaic

My thoughts are giants that slowly grow archaic,

Emerged in the translucence of this emotional mosaic.

A pattern of colors glowing in the midst of night,

They border the realities of both dark and light.

A design that details the map of destiny,

The topography and roadways living in me.

Hate, love, bravery, and fear,

Joy pain faith is all here.

A spectrum of where my heart has been and where it will go,

A smorgasbord of thoughts that I will never know.

This touch that kiss these words of charm and love,

Rain and scorch me from the heavens so high above.

Dream rainbow that fade with the evaporation of moisture,

Feeding the seeds of a forgotten yet invaluable future.

Sadness gladness and a hopeful wish,

Confusion and wisdom here they all exist.

Infinite notes in this composed symphony,

The melody moves my soul and expands me.

A rhythm of clouds and leaves of eaves and wind,

They surround me with angels of grace and demons of sin.

Their song is sweet my mind cannot help but dance,

The sweet sound puts my soul in a deep trance.

Hate, love, bravery, and fear,

Joy pain faith is all here.

These Emotions

These emotions shall attempt to rise,

Send waves of fire through my veins.

Their will to offer my heart a sacrifice,

Despite the pleas of my warring mind.

But the limits of my soul will not be defiled,

As these feelings reign and run wild.

These emotions that seek lofty paradise,

Grow like vines in the center if my eyes.

Excites my nerves with such bliss.

It still is engraved merely with a kiss,

But the border of my will remains strong,

As these feelings convince me that they aren’t wrong.

These emotions that swear they know my fate,

Condemn my reasoning with a groan.

They tell me I’ve gone too far that it is too late,

That my desires my future is not my own.

But the moat that surrounds my fort,

Will not surrender the yearnings of my heart