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Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Impotent Potential

Paltry psalms in the halls of empty souls
Quandary of qualms flattens the brains hills and knolls
Rivers winds through the currents that rage
Winds wander between the lines of every page
Separable sepulchers house the remains of forgotten dreams
Memorable memoirs fade like the light of a child’s eye’s gleams
Castigated castaways stranded on islands surrounded by oceans
Resolved resolutions armed with vaulted emotions
Squandering my squalor as time contours a smooth surface
Yet I am taught lessons to win this race
Palpable palates anxious for the next breath’s taste
Query of quarries leaves found memories erased
Rains rejoinder to appease the prosecutor’s reign
Whispers wield sharp tongues that inflict injury and pain
Stilted stilts still maintain their strength and their guard
Mellow melee of passion erupts in my menial heart
Congested conjectures reverberate in the lonely dark caves
Reproved repose offers gentle pleas to save
Straining my strands to the maximum tensile strength
Yet I am stretched in height depth and length

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