About The Blog

Arthor Journer is my pen name.
"Arthor" comprises "art" + "Author" while "Journer" defines the journey that I was on and continue to travel.
In this blog is the emotional byproduct of this journey.

"Rites of Art" is the title because it is my "writes" of passage.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Things I Hate

I hate the breeze cause it blows a sweet caress
The way you used to hold me against your breasts
I hate the sun cause it sends its tender heat
The way the passion burned from our head to our feet
I hate the rhythm of the ocean
It reminds me of how we danced with every notion
I hate the song the birds sing
It reminds me of how we talked about everything
I hate the wonderful fragrance of the rose
Cause it reminds me of your scent that filled my nose
I hate the softness of the summer grass
Cause it reminds me of our picnics in the past
I hate the waves that rush to the shore
Most of all I hate me for not loving you more

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